No social distancing necessary if you yell at a pregnant woman to kill her baby

No social distancing necessary if you yell at a pregnant woman to kill her baby

By: Def-Con News – 10/18/2020

When President Trump holds a rally, the liberal media scolds him for holding a COVID-19 “super spreader” event. When thousands of people riot in the streets, loot, and destroy property that same liberal media calls it a “mostly peaceful” social justice march. Recently, angry feminists gathered by the thousands to scream about their nonexistent right to kill babies, and there wasn’t a single peep from the liberal media about social distancing or super-spreading the coronavirus.

Saturday was the annual Women’s March in Washington DC, which brought out hairy arm-pitted feminists, butch lesbians, post-menopausal spinsters, and beta males to fight for their right to abort babies that will never ever be planted in them.

That’s a lot of angry entitlement that has assembled from coronavirus hotspots all over the country:

A lot of people in America can’t get a haircut, attend church, or even work, but this is okay according to the liberal media because these angry feminists have an important message.

There was a pro-life pregnant woman at the rally playing a sonogram of her baby’s heartbeat. This feminist man was asked specifically if he was yelling at the woman.

“I am yelling at the pregnant lady there,” he said proudly.

When asked why, he gave this lame response:

She represents the pro-life movement,” he said.

What gave it away? The live baby in her belly?

And speaking of that pregnant lady there, here’s some women yelling at her and telling her to kill her baby:

“If I was that child, I’d probably want to kill myself,” said a horrible person in reference to the woman’s unborn baby.

By pure accident, this abortion supporter just admitted that that thing in the woman’s belly is a “child” and not a clump of cells. She also admitted that the unborn child is alive because things need to be alive if they are to be killed.

This baby-hater then went on to explain why she thought the woman’s unborn child should die:

“Imagine using your child for political shit,” she screeched.

Bearing children is now “political shit” according to the left.

The democrats call themselves the party of science and continually accuse President Trump of making false statements about the coronavirus. As you can see here, they also think that this virus cannot be spread as long as you are burning down a church, hating on the President, and/or yelling at pregnant women to kill their babies.


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