Not a Spectator Sport

Not a Spectator Sport

By Michael J. Lewinski  02/19/19

As expected, Progressives are trying to obstruct President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency in order to move ahead with building a wall on our Southern border. They are attempting to stop it through litigation in the courts, with 16 states joining the effort. This is what MoveOn reported happened on Monday: 277 events. 48 states. At least 50,000 attendees. They raise money off of it and call on their allies to demonstrate in the streets in hundreds of cities.

A larger effort is being made to proclaim his order is based upon a false crisis — a made up crisis. They claim there is no crisis on the border and do not see the violence committed against Americans by illegal aliens as real. They turn their back on the American drug deaths which are facilitated by drugs smuggled across our Southern border. They turn a blind eye to the human trafficking coming across our Southern border; dismissing all of this as just one big hoax.

A country cannot be run based upon denying facts and relying upon fantasies for making decisions. It certainly is no way to govern America. It only leads to the kind of carnage we are experiencing. The more we rely upon fantasies, the more we are going to experience this craziness. At some point it’s all going to break down.

It’s time to say no more, enough is enough to this Progressive threat to our country. President Trump was right when he proclaimed, “America will never be a Socialist country.” Locally, statewide, and nationally we must completely reject Democrat candidates.

It is not as if we don’t have other choices. We do, we just have to educate ourselves and choose what is best for us as individuals. In the meantime, we have to support President Trump’s executive order declaring a national crisis on the border, as well as his other policies to re-invigorate our market system. Our Constitutional Republic is not a spectator sport.


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