NY Gov. Cuomo Makes It a Felony for Cops to Share Illegal Alien Info

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NY Gov. Cuomo Makes It a Felony for Cops to Share Illegal Alien Info

By  Def Con News – 5/31/2020

It’s one thing to be a sanctuary state, like New York is, and another to criminalize enforcing immigration law, as New York now has. Governor Andrew Cuomo snuck a little provision into the state budget that makes it a felony for law enforcement officers to share any illegal alien DMV information with federal immigration officials. The state won’t put illegals in jail for rape or robbery, but intends to throw the book at cops if they try to run the plates of an undocumented criminal.

While the liberal media was busy praising Andrew Cuomo’s chaotic and deadly coronavirus response, the Governor slipped this tidbit into the state’s budget, as ABC 7 reports:

In April, Governor Andrew Cuomo passed the 2020 budget, and in it, an amendment was made to a law that was passed last year allowing undocumented immigrants to get a New York State driver’s license.

The Green Light Law also prohibited the sharing of DMV information to any federal agency in charge of immigration.

Last month, the original law was amended as part of the 2020 budget, now making it an E Felony for any law enforcement officer to share DMV records with another law enforcement agency in charge of immigration like ICE or DHS.

Is it weird that the Governor of NY can pass legislation simply by inserting it into the state’s budget? This is the kind of dictator-like powers liberals are always screaming President Trump has but, for some reason, never uses.

U.S. Attorney for the Western District of New York J.P. Kennedy is one of the few people in the state who thinks Cuomo’s sneaky anti-cop law is a bad thing:

“Border Patrol for example, working the highway in the middle of the night and pulls over a vehicle, they can’t run the plates to determine who owns that vehicle. I think it’s legislating obstruction, and it’s very concerning to me,” said Kennedy.

Now New York is sending their sanctuary state status across the map.

“If any law enforcement officer in Texas ran across a New York State-registered vehicle, they could not run that plate if it was any officer who was involved in the enforcement of immigration law,” Kennedy said.

Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns called out Cuomo for sneaking this ridiculous law into the budget while the state and country was under the grips of the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is shocking; this is unheard of and, especially during a pandemic that someone, the Governor, who is under so much pressure thought about that to put that in there. We just had,I think it was 29 people, law enforcement people in the State of New York that just died from COVID, and they’re criminals now? They basically criminalize police work in this budget,” said Kearns.

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw, however, had the best take on this:

“I just think it’s wrong to put the lives and rights of illegal immigrants over law enforcement,” Mychajliw said.

He just described every single member of the democratic party: putting illegal aliens above Americans.

ABC 7 said it had reached out to Cuomo’s office, but didn’t get a response. If Cuomo won’t address the more than 5,000 elderly people he killed by mandating that nursing homes take in coronavirus-infected patients, he sure won’t talk about his sneaky anti-cop law.

This insane law will continue to fly under the radar until NY actually arrests a cop and charges him or her with a felony for enforcing the law. Like all his other garbage, eventually this will blow up in Cuomo’s face .  If history is any indicator, he’ll probably try to blame it on President Trump.

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