On Bill of Rights Day 2020, Citizens’ Rights Are Imperiled

On Bill of Rights Day 2020, Citizens’ Rights Are Imperiled

By Dennis JamisonDecember 15, 2020

The traditional day for remembering our protected freedom under the Bill of Rights is today, but in the toxic political environment of the United States, there is a clear and present danger to those “unalienable rights.” The 2020 election is the most blatant example of that, and the fraudulent election results that were “certified” on Monday by the Electoral College are a mockery of a Free Republic. Do people behind the charade of the election believe that the world is not aware of the corruption within the United States? Do such people even care about the rights of the individual?

The recent Supreme Court rejection of the Texas lawsuit that went before the justices drew all kinds of comments from constitutional scholars and wanna-be constitutional experts alike, but in reviewing a number of comments on this case, it seems some are using the case as a way of demonstrating their own crystal ball-like predictions or their prophecies about paths for President Trump to pull out a victory beyond what happened Monday with the Electoral College. Some are quite elaborate theories. But, in my own layman’s perspective, there are a number of complex issues that went into play after the election stall and re-start on November 3rd and on into the wee hours of the 4th. At that point the United States was thrust into uncharted waters by the people behind the charade of the election.

Another point that seems obvious to me is that the mainstream media, the social media moguls and their mindless minions, the “Democratic” National Committee, the Socialist-Democrats and Communist leaders in the U.S, as well as the Never Trumpers, have all done their utmost in ignoring or suppressing the various forms of election fraud and voting machine manipulation. This makes them complicit in fomenting the illusion that this was a free and fair election. There are people around the world who recognize the type of election citizens just experienced in this nation as similar to the fraudulent types of elections in their nations, which are no longer free. To ignore the fraud by pretending it didn’t happen is nearly an admission of guilt in such a federal crime.

Yet, a more serious problem exists when the Supreme Court prefers not to get so deeply entangled in such a ‘web’ of corruption, which will incur its own form of justice. Another problem exists when state legislators are afraid to exercise their legitimate rights under the Constitution to demand their states’ Attorney Generals, Governors, and Supreme Courts follow their own state laws, and to demand that the election laws in their states are in alignment with the U.S. Constitution. Fear seems to have paralyzed the ‘leaders’ in key realms of our so-called Constitutional Republic. Courage in the face of corruption is seriously lacking as our nation’s federal election has been tainted beyond recognition, and this is what has angered so many patriots across the nation.

The Jericho March in Washington, D.C. on Saturday demonstrated that this is not a “politics as usual” concern of a Democrat versus Republican political issue. It is a civil rights issue involving the mass violation of people’s right to have their vote counted. If this is missed by the prestigious power elite of our nation, it is a critical mistake. If the suit the state of Texas brought to the Supreme Court does not have “standing” in the view of the justices, this misses the point of the flagrant violation of the civil rights of all of the citizens of America. That is why those people marched in Washington, D.C.

Where was the F.B.I. in all of this? Oh, that’s right, Attorney General William Barr has said that there was no evidence of fraud. And, as President Trump continues to realize the friends in his cabinet are not truly friends, it must be a horrible nightmare for him. The truth of the cover for the Democrat-orchestrated coup is being slowly exposed. If the F.B.I. was truly doing their jobs, and not continuing to follow the Deep State playbook under the enemies of the Republic, that is.  And what happened to the Department of Justice investigations into the Deep State activities in spying upon an American citizen by the name of Donald Trump, as well as others.

This insult to the American citizen is to be ignored? That entire effort of the step-by-step escalation of “Trump’s not my president” to the culmination in the impeachment of the POTUS was an insult to the American citizen and an attempt to reverse the honest victory of Mr. Trump in 2016. The Jericho March on Saturday demonstrates that “We the People” will not ignore the daily insult from the mainstream media, the social media moguls and their mindless minions, the “Democratic” National Committee, the Socialist – Democrats and Communist leaders in the U.S, as well as the Never Trumpers. This is because common people see that the elites in government do not care about the rights of the individual.

The 2020 election is the most blatant example of abuse of the rights of “We the People.”—while lost in the weeds of the legalese to ignore the “spirit of the law,” which is founded upon the Judeo-Christian tradition woven into our Declaration of Independence. The Bill of Rights enumerates the unalienable rights alluded to in the Declaration. This is truly the “standing” that the Supreme Court refused to acknowledge in rejecting the Texas lawsuit. Each citizen of the United States trusts that every other citizen has one vote to express their choice in leadership for the nation in a federal election—not that every vote can be mysteriously multiplied one way or another until the “right” candidate wins! The civil rights of every citizen in the United States is violated by the corruption and fraud perpetrated upon them by those who choose to violate the U.S. Constitution in other states in a national election.

In a recent article, I made the point that “it is the same political party denying blacks the right to vote in the Deep South that is attempting to steal the 2020 election right now.” This political party perfected the “steal” of elections from black citizens for over 100 years, and amazingly they convinced Blacks in America that that was the Party that was helping them. It is the same Party, along with its allies, that is now doing the utmost to ignore or suppress the various forms of election fraud and voting machine manipulation. It has taken its regional dominion of the Deep South to an attempted national dominion in just 60 years—with “Dominion” voting machines, no less!

All citizens could understand the pain and suffering of the Black citizens during the time of the state governments under the white Democrat-controlled power structures across the “Solid South.” If not, wait until there is a President Joe Biden in the White House because if he gets there due to this corrupt election, there will be another period that citizens will suffer from the charades of free and fair elections. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. witnessed the corruption within the state governments under the white supremacy of the Democrat-controlled states. America needs a new Civil Rights Movement today and it just may be the Jericho Marches that can lead all Americans in this battle. People who love this country must never retreat; they must never surrender our God-given rights.

One well-articulated point about the right to vote from Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was that “The denial of this sacred right is a tragic betrayal of the highest mandates of our democratic tradition.” Of all the individual rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, this most sacred right is not one enumerated within the ten. But, when that right is trampled, and no one has the courage to defend it, we no longer will enjoy that right. When no State stands up for that precious right, one must question what that State truly will stand for or defend. If no judge or justice will acknowledge that a violation of the Constitution by the states is a violation of the rights of all of the people, then ‘blind justice’ takes on a whole new meaning.

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