On the Eve of the Presidential Debate, or at the Edge of Treason?

On the Eve of the Presidential Debate, or at the Edge of Treason?

by Dennis Jamison, 9/29/2020

Last week President Donald Trump’s life was threatened yet again with the package of ricin being sent through the mail to the White House intended to kill the POTUS. The woman who was charged with the crime, Pascale Ferrier, of Canada, had been arrested and will be held without bail based upon an indictment in Washington, D.C. But, of the serious threats against the life of the POTUS that have been thwarted recently, all aren’t as overt or as unsophisticated as Ferrier’s intent to kill Trump. In reality, the Democrats basic election strategy for 2020 is to “kill the king.”

After President Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to take the place of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, threats began to mount again from the Democrats, one of which was to revive the tactic impeaching Trump. This reveals the primary opposition, or the main plan of “the resistance” to “kill the king” in order to reclaim and retain their eilitist-based power. Nancy Pelosi, made the recent threat that if Trump pushed his nominee for the Supreme Court, she would have to reinitiate Trump’s impeachment – for…? Maybe, the impeachable offense this time around would be boldly declared as the president’s efforts to follow the Constitution in fulfilling a Supreme Court vacancy.

The Democrats, unbeknownst to the clueless mainstream media, are so far afield of actually caring to follow the Constitution’s directives or amendments on many fronts, they need to be called out for their blatant anti-Constitution biases and schemes to bypass the Law of the Land to obtain and maintain their political will over the people. For intelligent people who refuse to “buy” the mainstream media’s misinformation or deliberate disinformation in their non-stop attacks against the president, there are no real grounds for such desperatge idiotic actions. Additionally, the threats of violence from the Democrat Blackshirts (Antifa and BLM rioters), are backfiring with the people.

The one nice thing that has happened in the nation since before Trump was victorious in 2016 was that Obama’s promise of being transparent has finally come true – after he had left office. The Democrat Party has become completely exposed for the frauds that they are. Their unintelligent, indoctrinated sycophants are able to continue their undying support for the demigods of the Democrat leadership, but most Americans see through the subterfuge of political propaganda that is spewed by the MSM and “recognized by the media” personalities in entertainment and sports or social realms.

The spewing, however, is dangerous whether as a rant from Robert De NIro, or from a comedian named George Lopez making cynical comments about killing the president. Such deranged spewing coupled with the constant drumbeat of hate from the MSM can extract a toll. Everyone on the Left wants Trump’s head one way or another. And one should be reminded that it was Nancy Pelosi who said as much earlier this year, as well as her “many arrows in her quiver” statement recently. Such casual social treatment and lack of seriousness of serious and even non-serious threats against the POTUS seem to generate a climate in which the concept of “killing the king” becomes commonplace and can stimulate acts of violence against President Trump, as well as politicians who oppose Democrats down ticket. Wasn’t it just recently that GOP leaders were shot at, and Rep. Steve Scalise almost lost his life to a “deranged” domestic terror attack?

Wasn’t it just recently that a campaign worker for Lacy Johnson, young Andre Conley, was shot dead? Andre Conley, was only 17 years of age, and he was just beginning his life. Democrat sycophants who suffer from the illness “Trump Derangement Syndrome” should be observed by the Secret Service. But, targeting Trump and those who are “on his side,” is becoming more common. Wasn’t it just recently that Aaron “Jay” Danielson, was gunned down in the streets of Portland? Such a climate of hatred is just plain evil. Americans must see this; they must recognize that such a climate is being manipulated by the Democrat Party, and that this Party is a political party that resorts to violence as a means of “taking care of business.” Like Pelosi said, she has “arrows in her quiver” and Democrats would need to make sure that President Donald Trump would be removed from office this year, “one way or another.” One might wonder about Pelosi’s random choice of words as to whether they sound more like a threat that a figure of speech.

It is possible that the descriptive “disturbed” should be used to describe the people that go after Trump, or his friends and “allies.” The term of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is no longer as humorous as it once was. “Deranged” describes how sick such people might be. The unbridled hatred towards the opposition is truly fanned by the MSM and their “operatives.” Certainly, Democrat leaders and their minions would like to eliminate President Trump by any means possible. But, when such derangement triggers violence in any way, there is substance that is being created by evil intent – whether in jest or in earnest, this election year is revealing that the Democrats will stop at nothing to obtain or maintain, or retain political power. It is in their political DNA.

The stakes in this election seem to increase exponentially every month, and Democrats seem to have a bit of an advantage in the political arena simply because they are truly ruthless. It is possible that of all the GOP leaders in the past, very few would have been able to withstand the onslaught thrown against President Trump. Not since immediately prior to the American Civil War has there been such a contingent of traitorous elected and unelected officials in the U.S. government that are willing to foment physical harm to the POTUS. In that time, the Democrats were formulating their own political pathway to cessation and the creation of an alternate government. Such actions, in essence, are even being considered by Democrats. Such actions were treasonous then, and should be considered treasonous now.

On the eve of the first presidential debate, Americans need to look beyond the buffoon, Biden. Americans need to look into the collective conscience of the Democrat leaders. Biden is a buffoon, a “throw-away candidate” who will sacrifice himself as a good political soldier for the sake of his Party. At least Biden has some degree of Party loyalty, which is more than can be said of the John Kasich types of “Never Trumper” realms of the GOP. On the eve of the first presidential debate, Americans need to know that the buffoon only represents what the leadership of the Party tells him to do; he is not the leadership of the Party. The “Democratic” leadership will stop at nothing to “kill the king” and in “one way or another.” And Democrat leaders now are toying with treason because they consciously choose not to abide by the Constitution.

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