One Year Later

One Year Later

By Jim Bratten – 3/15/21

It’s been a year since Dr. Anthony Fauci and other “experts” at the National Institutes for Health and the Centers for Disease Control told us it would take “two weeks to flatten the curve,” referring to expected capacity problems at hospitals settling out after an initial influx of Chinese virus cases. Around the country hospitals delayed or rescheduled elective surgeries and non-emergency procedures to prepare for the surge of patients. Most states saw no capacity problems.

“Trust the science,” they said, while we were isolated in our homes, houses of worship were closed, our businesses were bankrupted, our schools were shuttered, and a highly-prosperous, vigorous economy was shackled and suppressed. However, they never followed the science; never trusted it.

Response to the virus, based on models predicting hospital bed demand, cases of infection, etc., has been all wrong. But 40 million people lost their jobs a year ago due to huge miscalculations by medical “experts.” Dr. Fauci’s technocratic reaction to tens of millions of Americans losing their livelihoods was, “inconvenient.”

Computer models lauded by Fauci could not dispute facts. His decisions, based on flawed models, were wrong at every stage of virus progression. He believed many wrong predictions, leading him to numerous bad decisions and statements. But Fauci was where media went when they wanted a decision or prediction, and still do, even though he was the one who said that the Chinese virus wasn’t something the U.S. needed to worry about. He downplayed the virus then, all of a sudden, said it was deadly. He frowned upon mask wearing, then heartily endorsed it. Schools should remain open, then close, and then open. Fauci was a veritable yo-yo, depending on the World Health Organization.

Bureaucratic health care officials, no matter their pedigree or notoriety, should never “call the shots” concerning national economic policy. They had no perception of the long-term damage that a massive lockdown of the country would have; like a minimum drop in visits to retail businesses of 51%. At no time in human history had millions of healthy people been quarantined, forbidden from work, or denied the ability to use their own common sense for their own health and welfare.

State governors have the sole responsibility to decide on any economic shutdown within their states. It’s called federalism and it’s how this nation is structured. State governors get to decide, not the federal government and certainly not medical officials. Any decision certainly cannot be “one size fits all” for the entire nation. States are not the same regarding conditions favorable for an infectious virus and exhibit different infection rates, survival numbers, etc., depending upon their distinctly different population density, geography, and climate. Even then, many governors chose dictatorial policies that severely harmed citizens.

We need to develop “herd immunity” to this virus, as we have with all others unleashed upon humanity over the ages, and we need to accomplish that transition as soon as possible. To defeat the specter of pain and suffering a virus can cause, immunity for a population is mandatory. This can’t be accomplished by physical distancing from others, creating communities of hermits, masks, or CDC and NIH officials denying herd immunity is paramount.

One cannot stop a virus from being a virus by forcing humans not to be human. Was any of this necessary? Pushing people to the edge of bankruptcy or over it; punishing people who weren’t sick?

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