Parallels to “1984”

Parallels to “1984”

by Bonnie M. Parsley

A rereading of the novel 1984 provides some interesting parallels to the Democrat Party of today. The Party described in George Orwell’s fantasy is alarmingly similar to what many Democrats and those on the left believe. Orwell’s Party relied on an enemy to constantly reinforce the morale of its members. Today, the enemy of the Democrat Party is Donald Trump. President Trump has been painted as a racist, a bigot and as evil as Hitler. Along with President Trump, his supporters have been labeled as homophobes, xenophobes, haters and ignorant.

The government in Orwell’s novel imposes “New Speak,” where certain words are replaced by words approved of by the Party. We see this today where many words cannot be spoken, or the speaker is tarnished with labels that can end his career. Even pronouns that have been part of our language for hundreds of years are now being changed according to an individual’s gender preference.

Not only is language changed and monitored, but thoughts are also controlled by the “Thought Police.” Any deviation from what the Party believes results in arrest and reeducation. Today we see near total conformity by the twenty-four Democrats who are running for President in 2020. Also, many media reflect the same talking points as the Democrat Party. It’s like the Party puts out a statement early in the morning and all the mainstream news media repeat the same words over and over all day long.

History is constantly rewritten in the novel. The country they are at war with is constantly changed and all previous references to that country must be rewritten to conform to the present narrative. We see in our own time, history being rewritten or deleted altogether. We see statues being torn down, the names of schools being changed, and textbooks being written to give students a negative view of America. Our Founders are given very little attention, and what is given is often unfavorable.

Big Brother is depicted as this great benefactor. He is infallible, all good, and all knowing. Today’s Democrat Party depicts themselves this way. They are the defenders of the poor and the minorities. They alone support women and their issues. They rely on the ignorance of history and hide the fact that the KKK was the militant arm of the Democrat Party. They hide the fact that they fought against civil rights bills; and fought for Jim Crow and segregation.

Big Brother’s image is everywhere with the sign, “Big Brother is Watching You.” Today we have Facebook, Twitter, Alexa and many other technology companies who know everything about us. You can be ostracized, lose your job, even arrested for posting the wrong thing on one of these sites. Alexa can hear your conversations and cell phones can track your location.

There is no individual opinion allowed in Orwell’s “1984.” Crimes are invented to take down anyone who deviates from the Party line. Anyone who cannot be re-educated disappears. Today, Democrats had to invent a crime of collusion with Russians to take down President Trump. The President has posed a huge threat to the Democrats because he doesn’t adhere to their ideas of how the country should be run. They have tried everything to make him disappear by advocating impeachment.

“1984” presents us with a great warning of how a nation can lose its history, and how people can be indoctrinated and manipulated through hate and fear to believe certain things. Big Brother is a symbol of Big Government, Big Tech, Big Money, Big Universities and Big Media. We must fight against these powerful institutions and remember that individual freedom lies in the will of the people to resist the move into a nightmare like 1984.

Bonnie Parsley is a former schoolteacher. She has been active in Republican political organizations for the past 15 years. She has written many published articles which she compiled into a book titled “Restoring American Exceptionalism.” She is also the author of a booklet contrasting political parties, their philosophies, their goals and the consequences of each for America.

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