Patriot Day — Does it Still Matter?

Patriot Day — Does it Still Matter?

By Dennis Jamison – 9/9/2020

Today, on the threshold of Patriot Day, it would be hard to believe that Americans had ever had genuine and sincere respect for the men and women in uniform who gave their lives that others may have lived. Has America forgotten the men and women who are willing to stand in the gap between common criminals and the citizens? At this time in America’s history, there is shame upon our land for the absolute disrespect for the blood that has been spilled, the lives that have been offered sacrifice, for the higher good of entire communities – like so many brave men and women who paid the ultimate cost in helping to save other people’s lives.

The reasons for remembering such unsung heroes on Patriot Day seems but a distant memory. The attempt of the mainstream media to promote the mythology of systemic racism and to provide a false legitimacy to the Marxist group known popularly as Black Lives Matter, and to romanticize the terrorism of BLM and the other BlackShirt fascist group known as Antifa is criminal in and of itself. Free advertising, providing absolutely false narrative, and fomenting violence and terrorism upon the good citizens of America represents crimes against the people. To conspire to promulgate the negative and vile attitudes that are essentially raw hatred against the police in city after city is a shameful display of deception and disinformation.

Are American citizens so aptly gullible that the men and women in uniform are all racists and that because of systemic racism, the police protection in Democrat-run cities should be defunded or eliminated? And, this all happened in less than 20 years? The police on 9/11 were mistakenly perceived by most of the American population as heroes, but from that time, we have slowly discovered that the white policemen were all racists? So now, our fickle society will no longer pay attention to Patriot Day because people are fearful of being perceived as too supportive of the police? Will citizens not honor the memory of American patriots who rose to the occasion to respond to the terrorist attacks upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon because it is not politically correct?

Has it been too many years since the insidious attacks upon America and upon citizens from all over the world? Those attacks left scars upon the people of the United States. Those attacks left scars upon the people of the entire world. Have the memories faded, and such sacrifice is no longer held in esteem within the minds and hearts of the American people? This is doubtful. It has not even been 20 years! The more appropriate reason for the turning away from the support of the police lies in the poisoning of public perceptions. The MSM has led the way in this proliferation of propaganda, which is just a fancy word to indicate systemic lying.

Since the days of Sept. 11, 2001, many lies have been perpetrated by the MSM, and the concept of systemic racism seems to have caught on, and Americans have willingly accepted the notion it seems. The incredible irony of this logic is that during this time, the American people elected the first Black POTUS in the nation’s history. Is that a true sign of systemic racism? The Democrat Party was bolstered by such an historic event. And, as a result many Democrats were elected to positions of responsibility as mayors of cities and governors of states. So, under their leadership, the Democrats should have been able to root out such racism with a Black POTUS setting the standard of his noble agenda of eliminating racism in the Party, and thus throughout areas where Democrats were in control. This would be only logical.

Yet, the opposite phenomenon appears to have occurred. In fact, the first Black POTUS set a standard for using racism as a shield and as a spear. In his presidency, Barack Obama did an interview with the New Yorker magazine, and he planted the seeds for the systemic racism myth. He stated that some people in the country do not like him simply because he is black. He did “qualify” his statement by saying that “opposition to large federal powers does not make one racist, but … supporters of states’ rights should also acknowledge the history tied to that philosophy, which was key to southern thinking during the Civil War…”

Obviously, the barbed point was intended to lump Obama’s opponents into the category of the latest version of racist thinking. The comments were from a man who once was viewed as the one who could heal the racial divide in America. Increasingly,defenders and representatives of the Democrat Party made concerted efforts designed to make a public linkage between the KKK and the Republican Party. President Obama’s use of the example of states’ rights advocates in the South during the time of the Civil War attempts to not-so-subtly view anyone who had disagreements with his policies on par with white southern slave owners or members of the KKK. It was attempted with the effort to link clan leader David Duke with Donald Trump.

The not-so-subtle attempted linkage of Trump to Duke did not truly work. So, the other effort made was to link any white authority figures to the KKK, or to “white supremacy” and to the concept of “white privilege.” Thus all white cops are racists. The real linkage is more a clear thread of connection between Obama and his worshippers in the MSM and how the use of racism as a shield (for the victim narrative) and the spear (for the justice warriors) has permeated the Democrat leadership, as well as the Marxists and other sycophants who believe the very loose narrative of the racist mantra, or those who truly believe in Karl Marx’s fallacious ideology.

The victims in this rabid display of unbridled lust for power are the men and women who put on the uniform and the badge representing law and order. They used to receive real  sincere respect from the average citizen for their willingness to risk their lives by putting themselves in harms way. Should they not still deserve citizen’s respect? Would respect still be warranted on such a day as Patriot Day? And if so, how is that genuine respect made manifest? Is it just in silence — in prayers? Or, could it be made manifest by more than a simple acknowledgement? There are such brazen men and women who today are willing to stand up in defense of the men and women in uniform. There is a movement to not defund the police, but to defend the blue by a public display of   support for the police.

If the truth be told, they are still heroes to most of the American citizens. They are truly not heroes to criminals — and that includes those in the “Democratic” Party in whatever walk of life they may be in. Such Americans may only have the name of being an American as they do not respect the law, in so many ways. If truth be told, the real victims, when the police are weakened by stealing their budget, or eliminated altogether,   are those citizens who have taken them for granted. Those who hate the police are the criminals and by attempting to get rid of the police in the cities, the city council members and the mayors and others in local government are the white collar criminals who are aiding and abetting criminal activities.

How long will American citizens tolerate this? It is not clear based upon many different perspectives of reality. But, the defunding and the government removal of protections for the safety of the citizens already happened in U.S. history. It happened when the British government passed the Royal Proclamation of 1763. It essentially forbade any colonial expansion after the French and Indian War in North America. It basically was the British government telling the colonists that they would not be allowed to settle in western British lands they had just won by defeating the French; but practically, the government would not be willing to send British troops to protect citizens who sought such freedom. Most intelligent people know how well that went over with the British “subjects” in colonial America. At that time they stood up. Will Americans today?

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