Pelosi Forms Committee to Investigate Trump’s Coronavirus Response

Pelosi Forms Committee to Investigate Trump’s Coronavirus Response

By Brian Anderson, Courtesy of Def-Con News 4/2/2020

With everything in the country shut down because of the coronavirus, you’d think Nancy Pelosi would at least take a couple of weeks off from trying to oust the duly-elected President of the United States. TDS never sleeps, however, and so the House Speaker has formed a committee to investigate President Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

Fox News was on it:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday she’s creating a new House committee to oversee the coronavirus response that will have subpoena power to seek information from the Trump administration.

Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., will chair the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis. The committee will be bipartisan, she said, with Democrats and GOP members appointed.

Awesome. Isn’t Clyburn the Democrat who said the coronavirus was an opportunity to push through all of their progressive socialist garbage? Why yes, yes, he is. When the Democrats were holding the coronavirus relief package hostage, Clyburn noted, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

Pelosi, by the way, is very excited that this new committee will be able to drag Trump administration officials off the front lines of the coronavirus fight and make them testify.

“It would have subpoena power that’s for sure. It’s no use having a committee unless you have subpoena power,” Pelosi said.

Plus, Pelosi is hoping it won’t be like her sham impeachment committee in which people under subpoena fought those orders in court.

“And we would hope that there would be cooperation because this is not a kind of an investigation of the administration, it’s about the whole [response],” said Pelosi.

This is Pelosi asking President Trump to be a sport and help her find some other stupid reason to impeach him.

Pelosi claims this committee is all about oversight…

“The committee will be empowered to examine all aspects of the federal response to coronavirus, and to assure that the taxpayers’ dollars are being wisely and efficiently spent to save lives, deliver relief and benefit our economy,” said Pelosi. “With over $2 trillion in emergency relief, we need to ensure those dollars are spent carefully and effectively.”

…but she’s the one who got $25 million for the Kennedy Center, which promptly laid off all their workers.

As House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy points out, Pelosi is full of baloney:

“The other concern that I have from this standpoint is inside the bill that we passed, we did put in oversight and it seems really redundant,” McCarthy said.

Pelosi is definitely redundant, but clearly, she’s putting together this committee to go on another Trump impeachment fishing expedition.

And things are really moving for the Democrats on the impeachment front. Just yesterday, Shifty Adam Schiff announced he was drafting legislation to establish a commission to investigate Trump’s handling of the coronavirus.

While Democrats still hold out hopes of rigging the 2020 election, these moves indicate they are still scared Trump might win reelection and need a plan B to get rid of him. Apparently, Joe Biden sucking his fingers and saying the coronavirus cure would be worse is not filling them with confidence.

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