Perfect time for businesses to cater to the independent crowd

Perfect time for businesses to cater to the independent crowd

By A. Dru KristenevDecember 11, 2020

Independent’ is an apt descriptor of the majority of Americans.

It’s already been demonstrated how independent thinkers delivered liberal media, politicos and entertainment a fiscal fizzle after targeting conservative individuals and businesses – the Goya Foods 1000% sales increase is a prime example. Big Biz and Big Tech better take notice because that’s what will happen to their multi-billion dollar empires if they demand Covid passes or ID cards to conduct commerce.

What will happen is a boom in free-thinking, astute enterprise. The door will swing wide open for private travel services, hotels, restaurants, grocers, education, sundry services and retail operations who don’t require proof of vaccination. If the government attempts to impose vaccine-based licensing, expect the alternative market or, if forced, black market to outgrow and quickly overtake the establishment marketplace. Leading the charge will be solidly based Christians who understand faith and God’s Kingdom economy.

History shows that Americans aren’t generally that good at compliance. There’s been a developing situation where the younger generations have been indoctrinated to believe lies, including the Coronavirus misrepresentation as a massive killer. At this point, however, youth are becoming dissatisfied with the oppressive nature of government agency overreach that has ordered them to forgo an energetic social lifestyle, driving many into depression, drug abuse and suicide.

Expect the backlash to drive an economic expansion of underground business and services as soon as the public grasps the fact there is 98-99% recovery rate (like the common cold which is also deadly when it leads to pneumonia and other mortal diseases) and the fear wears off, propelling them to disregard authoritarian regulations. Mass non-compliance can’t be controlled by fines and jail time because it’s not possible to police dozens of millions who will ignore implacable, oppressive policies that are blatantly unconstitutional. That doesn’t mean Americans won’t continue to follow their common sense when it comes to avoiding illness.

Another revolution (bloodless on the part of constitutionalists unless forced to defend themselves) will occur instead if state or federal agencies or law enforcement attempt to punish American citizenry for practicing their God-given rights. The Boston Tea Party or “shot heard ‘round the world” will be dwarfed by the uprising of everyday Americans refusing to be forced into a vaccine checkbox.

With the outcome of the 2020 election in the balance, there is no mandate that the Congress or occupant of the Oval Office can impose upon the culture. Why? No matter how much the ill- or de-educated populace believes that the United States has no distinctive culture, it does… we do. It’s the culture of Liberty that no other country has enjoyed until the birth of this nation.

The Constitution of the United States, unmatched by any other copycat document in existence, can’t simply be overwritten or “disappeared” by an oligarchical Washington. D.C. or any state legislature and executive office. Nor does any international treaty, agreement or organization supersede the Constitution.

In Washington State, Democrat Governor Jay Inslee decreed that the whole state should shut down for a month during the most important sales season of the year – Christmas – when small businesses make up to 80% of their yearly income. In answer, the small town of Mossyrock that has no incidences of Coronavirus cases or mortalities has passed an ordinance declaring their town open for business, citing the lack of data to force their closure.

The mayor of Mossyrock, Randall Sasser, has encouraged other municipalities to take similar action to protect their community and its commerce that provides the town’s lifeblood.

This is the kind of independence that personifies most of America and the individualism that will drive an economic uprising (that may be forced underground) among self-employed, home-based and small business owners. Sheriffs around the nation are realizing their role as the last bastion against unconstitutional edicts.

If a vaccine-related travel, medical, educational and/or business pass is issued the number of non-compliant citizens will rapidly overwhelm the judicial system, essentially shutting down the punitive process much as occurred with the immigration courts – too many illegal aliens to adjudicate their cases, prompting liberal states and cities to institute asylum.

Virginia sheriffs already followed that rule of thumb by creating Second Amendment sanctuary counties after the state government attempted to revoke that guaranteed right to bear arms. Cities and counties around the United States will follow suit to protect individuals’ constitutional rights to free exercise of religion and speech as well as providing for themselves, their families and charitable giving.

Whether or not the federal, state or municipal executive, legislative or judicial bodies agree with the People that the Constitution takes precedence over their ‘official’ attempts to regulate the social order, the American culture of Liberty, that is embodied by this nation’s rule of law, will prevail… vaccine or no vaccine.

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