Personal Testimony On Standing Up To BLM

Personal Testimony On Standing Up To BLM

By Pastor Earl Wallace   3/3/2021

The following is a personal testimony from a post activity recollection of how two Black men took a stand against evil on the streets of Schenectady, New York, in 2020.

Monday, July 13,  Tom Chandler and I went to Schenectady City Hall, where at 3:30 BLM staged what they said would be a take over of City Hall and the Police Station.

     The Bible says one will put a thousand to flight (Deuteronomy 32:30 & Joshua 23:10 ). Isaiah 55:11 says, God’s word never returns void, without accomplishing His purpose. So we went to deliver “The Biblical Basis of the Bill of Rights” messages to them, trusting that the preaching of the 10 Commandments law will be the tutor that leads people to Christ, per Galatians 3:24.

“How could one chase a thousand, And two put ten thousand to flight, unless their Rock had sold them, and the LORD had given them up?”

Deuteronomy 32:30 NASB

“One of your men puts to flight a thousand, for the LORD your God is He who fights for you,  just as He promised you.”

Joshua 23:10 NASB

“So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.”

Isaiah 55:11 NASB

“Therefore the Law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ, so that we may be justified by faith.”

Galatians 3:24 NASB

After Action Review (AAR) for Monday July 13, 2020 — BLM Supposed Take Over of City Hall and The Police Station.

Tom and I have returned home from the BLM rally in Schenectady. Our prayers were answered.

   Our megaphone wouldn’t work. That actually was God, because had we had one, we would’ve had a shouting match from opposite sides of a street, with no discussions.

   We approached a group of about 30-40 at one of the side entrances of Schenectady City Hall.  After a few tense moments, when some who had walkie talkies called what they referred to as their security team, called in a couple of guys who got out of cars; popped open the rear trunks, and put on flak vests, and they asked “What are you guys up to? However, they left without confronting us when I told them that we were there because everyone has 10 Commandments rights from God. And we wanted to know that when you ‘burn the mother down’ what will you build in its place?  They said, “A more just community.”  I challenged that if it didn’t include giving people their God-given rights, then it can’t be just.  They asked, “What are they?” And       I said we have a 10 Commandments right #6 right to not be murdered; a  10 Commandments right #7 to not be sexually molested, and a 10 Commandments right #8 right not to be stolen from, which includes not having our businesses, shops, public property, like this City Hall damaged or destroyed.” They said, “Oh, that’s fine.” They got back in the cars and drove away.

     Tom Chandler then told the BLM group “you are inheriting a civil rights movement led by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and you don’t want your good cause co-opted by those who will use you as a front for violent destruction of the communities you say you are trying to help.” A woman responded and told their group that they were there to hear all voices and that Tom deserved   to be heard.

    Tom then spoke to the group about how they were the new face of the civil rights movement that started by people listening to pastors about the will of our Creator and they decided that freedom was worth dying for. He explained, “That movement actually started the Revolutionary War. Pastors also started the abolitionist movement. The pastors are why the will of God is stated in our U.S. Declaration of Independence.“

     “70 years later, it again was the Bible-following pastors who inspired people to fight in a civil war to free slaves. 70 years later, pastors again inspired young people like those of you here to stand up against the KKK. Then pastors led the movement Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is noted for.”

    “Like the young people who followed MLK, you are being preyed upon by opportunists who lead the rioting, looting and violence mostly in minority neighborhoods. Now businesses can’t get insurance and stores can’t be rebuilt in those neighborhoods for dozens of years and most never recover. So people in local communities lose the ability to have a neighborhood with local resources.”

    “These acts of destruction are covered by the mainstream media who only care about getting enough butts in seats to listen to their sensational spins and propaganda!”

     From there our discussion circled back to how God gives rights, which they need to ensure their organization could be built upon.  Someone said, “I ain’t listening to no white Jesus!”

I quoted John 4:24, “God is a spirit and we worship Him in spirit and truth.” At the moment of conception, we all are eternal spirits housed inside our flesh. Jesus was a Middle Eastern Jew who Isaiah says had hair like lamb’s wool.

     The most vocal and aggressive women who had called their security, agreed about that, and offered us cold bottles of water, which I graciously received.

     Many more things were discussed about how our politics have been destroyed by one   snake that has two heads, both Democrat and Republican; neither of which have a 10 Commandments value system. There are two value systems: the 10 Commandments and everything else, which includes the 10 Precepts opposite of them, from which springs the philosophies advocating pedophilia!

     They recoiled at the abuse of children, so I explained, The Roman Catholic Church is the purveyor of the 10 Precepts, to which the group responded positively, affirming their revulsion  of child abuse by the multitudes of priests, bishops and cardinals and those in the Vatican who shelter such criminals!

     They also agreed that Jeffery Epstein’s day with justice was long overdue-as they also agreed that his female agent, just arrested, should get justice and give up the names of the elite they serviced. I advised them that since Trump had been in office over 9,400 people in world wide pedophile rings have been arrested.

     I also told them my testimony of winning a veteran’s disability compensation case in 1994 that paid retroactively to 1954, which likely was the largest VA settlement in history, only to get promoted under Democratic Gov. Mario Cuomo and told I was never to talk to the public again!

      Then I saw the paternalistic state hire illiterate black and white people who couldn’t do their jobs in serving veterans! They agreed and said that the government does put down smart black people while denying services to those who need and deserve them.

     I told them, I’ve worked on four Continents, and we do not want to live in countries that do not have the 10 Commandments as the unalienable rights in their founding documents and civil laws. The BLM folks agreed they don’t want to live under the laws of Russia, China and Iran. I told them all dictators come to power on the promise they will care for the poor, and once they get power they violate the God-given 10 Commandments’ rights of the people, and everyone gets poor, except their friends.

     And we found ways to agree with their articulation of a new way to look at what they’re doing, while we never backed off and constantly reinforced that we must build upon God’s uncompromising 10 Commandments’ rights!

     We then genuinely hugged and departed.

    The main group had marched around the building past us twice, and I held up a sign that says “The 10 Commandments = our Unalienable Rights in The Declaration of Independence.” The other side of the sign says, “America was founded by applying the Bible to civics and not “separation of church and state.” I guess they didn’t want the main group seeing those messages again, because when they came back around they stopped and chanted a 1/2 block from us, which left us time for God to move and for us to have the discussions we had.

   Before we entered the mission field today, in addition to the 12 person prayer team supporting us, we met in a nearby community’s park with a local police chief who recently had been to church, who also prayed with us.

     Again, let’s praise God for Him answering prayers! May God’s light continue to penetrate the darkness consuming our nation.

     Amazing how we all can come together in Christ, including BLM, law enforcement and politicians.  But it has to be on Christ’s terms, acknowledging we are sinners, who need to be saved by grace by the uncompromising God Who loves us all!

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