Plans to Lay Siege to the White House a Ploy to Destroy America

Plans to Lay Siege to the White House a Ploy to Destroy America

by Dennis Jamison, 8/10/2020

2020 has proven to be quite a turbulent year, and Americans have only passed through half of it. The major political event, the national election, has yet to appear on the immediate horizon, but it seems that it is the major driving reality of this year, especially with so much at stake. At the end of July, Tucker Carlson had a segment on his show in which he made the point that in an election year, everything is about the election. Thus, the idea that there is “So much at stake” seems to be a double- edged sword of sorts, as it is what both the Left and the Right envision. Robert De Niro and other “celebrities” are once again announcing that they really will move out of the country if Donald Trump is re-elected. In reality, they should have moved the first time, and it would have saved us all from a sour “re-run.”

Yet, it is likely that such noteworthy “celebrities,” who would rather move than change their minds or their hearts, will show up at the siege of the White House that is being planned for September 17th. What – no one has heard of the siege of the White House? Well, the word these days may spread slowly, especially if sane people do not read any semi-underground left-leaning online publications. The left-leaning “Adbusters,” has announced a 50-day siege of the White House beginning on September 17th, which is also symbolic since it is Constitution Day. For those not familiar with Adbusters Media Foundation, one simply needs to think of the “Occupy Wallstreet” activity in the summer of 2011.

Adbusters is touted as a non-profit reader-only sponsored magazine, and the website boasts that it “is one of a handful of magazines in the world that receives zero funding from advertising, corporate sponsorship or government/foundation grants.” The point is in their purpose which is anti-big business, anti-big corporations, and anti-capitalism. They claim to be “entirely reader-supported,” which allows the organization to supposedly remain fiercely independent to do and say whatever they feel they must. Although, if one remembers the protesters of Occupy Wall Street effort, they weren’t saying anything as most had tape over their mouths. That in itself was a pretty clever tactic, if in fact only a handful of people could actually articulate their reason for the demonstration. There is a lot to be said for bodies on demand without having any worries that they will say the wrong thing.

On the surface Adbusters Media Foundation promotes itself in a very benign, “just your friendly neighborhood artist” type person concerned with over-commercialization of America, and with huge corporations ripping off the average citizen: “When you subscribe to Adbusters, you are joining a network of artists and activists committed to speaking truth to power around the world.”

That seems innocuous – right? We all appreciate truth breaking down uncompassionate power structures in the world – right? But in reality, it is as harmless as the Black Lives Matter protests.

Actually, if one really understands the true designs of BLM, they are not harmless, as some of my other articles on BLM have revealed.

In fact, a former editor at Adbusters who claims he co-created the Occupy Wall Street effort, Micah White, also created the online “Activist School” taught by, and for, activists. So now, anarchists can take classes if they are truly seeking the training they need to become better activists. What kind of activism? Sad to say, it is not the Students for Life or Turning Point, USA type of activism. One of the web-based training sessions features Alicia Garza, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter, who has now been touted as a trained Marxist per her co-founders of BLM. So, that online training for activists must not be of the harmless and friendly neighborhood variety of artist-activist. It is much more likely the kind that created “peaceful” protests in Seattle or Portland. Americans need to be aware that the so-called “Marxist revolution” is occurring right now on the streets in places like Portland and in Seattle, and in other cities across America.

Yet, the true irony is that “real Marxists” do not necessarily see Micah White as a real “true blue” revolutionary. Some see White as an opportunist trying to package and sell “revolution,” and a case in point is the book he wrote titled: The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution, which was published in 2016 by Knopf Canada. And this brings us back to the Adbusters call for the 50-day siege of the White House. Although White, and even Adbusters, seek to be the relevant part in an effort for the “betterment of humanity,” it is likely real hard-core Marxists, who foment revolution out of their pores, are seeing the event as an opportunity to take advantage of useful idiots to set the stage for serious destruction in the nation’s capital.

This already happened earlier in the year as Washington, D.C. became a war zone with many police and secret service officials injured. A peaceful protest facade was allowed by the police and law enforcement officials, and then after dark, such protests morphed into serious and targeted violence by the ones who “came to do harm”. This is blatant terrorism, and the U.S. citizens who have eyes to see, can see it for what it is. People are able to grasp the true violent nature of BLM. Yet, much of the violent uprisings that have been happening in major Democrat- controlled cities may simply be a dress rehearsal for the more “end-game” target of the White House “siege” in mid-September. The date is significant for two reasons: September 17, 1787, was the day the delegates signed the Constitution to send it to the states for ratification; and, September 17, 2011 was the date of the start of the Occupy Wall Street initiative.

Despite both former editor Micah White and co-founder of Adbusters magazine, Kalle Lasn, basically admitting to the failures of the OWS effort, the current plan for the White House siege is designed to target President Trump in much the same way the French mob confronted King

Louis XVI at the Palace of Versailles in the summer of 1787. The eventual outcome was not good for the king or for the country. With the Occupy Wall Street initiative, a Jacobin Magazine article stated that Kalle Lasn said “I don’t know how important that actually was,” in The Occupiers, a history of the movement. He settles for the modest role of ‘catalyzing something.’”

Essentially, according to the Jacobin Magazine, a true Marxist publication, “Adbusters’ greatest success was branding the widespread outrage against the bankers who crashed the economy. The magazine gave it a name and a location, Occupy Wall Street, picked a date, September 17, and designed a poster that captured eyeballs.” Then, the Leftist network took over from that first effort, and the movement was born. According to the Jacobin, “Lasn picked the date because he sensed “the moment was ripe for an American version of the Arab Spring and Spain’s “Indignados movement.”

In light of this, such an effort is an assault, not only on the White House, but upon the Constitution and the American way of life. Citizens need to do their own homework and educate themselves about these domestic enemies. They need to be properly identified because aiding and abetting criminal activity makes one a criminal as well. All of these Marxist-linked front groups and core groups need to be held accountable for such actions in 2020. If the cancel culture is trying to cancel the elections, such criminal activity needs to be called out and cancelled by the will of the true Americans.

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