Playing Games with Liberals

Playing Games with Liberals

by Judith La Montagne – 1/19/2021

Games are generally enjoyable. I love crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and word searches because I know there are viable solutions to each, so I don’t mind having to think. But, I am not enjoying the current political maze. With puzzles, there is always a solution if you work at it hard enough. The challenge is rewarded by the excitement of finding the solution — the crossword puzzle definition that has more than one meaning, the satisfaction of inserting pieces that fit together snugly or the thrill of finding the only path to get to the end of a maze. But, the satisfaction comes only after the solution is found. Until then, there is likely some frustration and maybe even the desire to give it all up.

Sadly, the 2020 election presents us with what appears to be an unsolvable maze with no satisfaction of a completed resolution ever in sight. President Trump worked hard to find solutions, only to find there was no end to the maze because the left constantly redrew or switched the end path to success — the road back to our freedom. There has to be a solution, but can we find it?  So far, every government entity has failed us. We trusted the solution would be  found in the proper guidance of our Constitution, basically the tried and true rules for the game. But, the Left has broken all the rules and given us only dead ends with no solutions in sight. The Democrats  were shocked President Trump was finding the solutions and he couldn’t be bullied or bought. He had to be forced out by any means necessary. 

After winning the 2016 election, President Trump began to enforce the rules of the “game” by restructuring the government maze to fit Constitutional rules. He began making the game fair and square once again. Naturally, Liberals could not allow Constitutional government to stand. Once they recovered from “losing” the 2016 election, they began their attack. First, it was attacking Trump’s election process, followed by raids and prison sentences for his friends. Fake news media spread lies about his presidency and even his family. The nation footed the bill for a heinous special council charge of Russian collusion. After many months, still not successful in unseating the president, they went for total impeachment. Finally, they successfully won one count of impeachment, but were still not able to drive the President from office.

Obviously, none of these ploys worked as well as the Left desired. In fact, the public began to sway significantly to their charismatic leader. He was actually making “converts!” The Left obviously had to obstruct him and wait for the 2020 election to have another chance to kick him out of office and continue their unconstitutional plans to take over the government.. The Country, including the President, was blindsided. A president as popular and loved as Trump had become would surely win over their straw man, Biden, who could scarcely talk intelligibly and was so frightened of COVID that he lived in his basement. Unfortunately, Trump’s devotees didn’t foresee the massive fraud being planned on all election levels. The Left didn’t miss anything:

  • Fraudulent ballots by the thousands
  • Corrupt voting officials
  • Poll workers prevented from viewing the counting
  • Fraudulent voting machine counting 
  • Production of illegal ballots
  • Illegal last-minute rules to allow improper mail-in ballots 
  • Legislators who did not perform their duties
  • State census problems
  • Out-of-state voters 
  • Multiple votes bearing the same name
  • No signature verification in many cases
  • Post office fraud, including missing trucks and deliveries
  • Governors who certified elections even when they knew of fraud
  • State and national legislators not acknowledging proven fraud
  • An Attorney General who did nothing to stop the fraud
  • Multiple courts, including the Supreme Court, refusing to adjudicate

It’s hard to imagine a more corrupt election than in the year of 2020. May God bless America that we can live past the next four years and finally find the end of the election maze. May God bless President Trump for saving us from the corruption of Hillary Clinton and giving us four more years of righteous presidency. Will we ever again have an uncorrupted presidential election? God willing, we may. It would be hard to imagine an election with more outright cheating than in 2020. May God help us to escape another Leftist maze and restore our great republic to the people and for the people. 

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