Practice Safe-Distancing from MSM Parroted Chinese Propaganda

Practice Safe-Distancing from MSM Parroted Chinese Propaganda

By Dennis JamisonApril 28, 2020

Parroting of propagandists in Communist China is fairly easy; one just copies and pastes.

In mid-April, after many officials in the United States started raising concerns about the origins and responsibility for the COVID-19 Newsweek posted an opinion piece by Kerry Brown, who seemed to be making every effort to qualify as a Chinese propagandist. Mr. Brown wrote as if he were well-informed about the issues surrounding the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, but his article revealed more about Brown himself than about the realities relating to China and the origins of COVID-19. Newsweek is not the same caliber as it was before it was sold by the Washington Post for $1.00 to Mr. Sidney Harman.

The article was titled ‘China Hawks Are Calling Coronavirus Their Smoking Gun. Don’t Buy It’. The purpose for the article seemed to be to dissuade intelligent people from believing that China should be held accountable for such a deadly pandemic. Brown was overtly postulating a ridiculous premise in his opening line “Despite all the accusations over the past few years, it’s proved hard to truly nail China for evil intent.” The real question would be: hard for whom? It is definitely hard for Chinese sympathizers to find fault with China for their human rights violations over the course of their history. It is extremely hard for the Chinese propagandists to acknowledge the Chinese Communist extermination of their own people.

Of course, for journalists who are historically challenged, it is hard to have a more clear perspective about such a tyrannical empire. For journalists who willingly ignore history, that would open up a credibility issue, but for journalists who are only aware of the Chinese government’s revisionist history, they may be considered simply more gullible.

However, to simply ignore the contemporary history of China and the civil war between the nationalist Chinese forces and the Communist forces may be considered naive, but to ignore Mao Zedong’s purge of the democratically-oriented Chinese people is highly inhumane.  To simply ignore the Chinese invasion of South Korea during the Korean War reflects one’s ignorance or one’s attempt at deliberate deceit.

It is hard for Chinese propagandists to acknowledge that the current Chinese Communist government has an extended habit of persecuting its own people—especially those who have a religious faith. It has been widely reported that the persecution of religion in China is extensive.

Freedom House, an NGO that “works to defend human rights and promote democratic change” not long ago, reported that of seven different religions that are practiced in China—Chinese Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Falun Gong, as well as Islam, around 350 million believers, or more, are targeted for “bureaucratic harassment, economic exploitation, as well as receiving extended prison terms and even violence,” which can lead to death.

Someone would have to have been under a rock in the past decade to have missed that since 2012, when Xi Jinping came to power, the intensity levels of the persecution of the religious believers in China increased exponentially. Those who belong to faith-based or religious groups as mentioned are subjected to different intensity levels of persecution. However, Newsweek, and other Chinese propaganda outlets in the U.S. that commonly are referred to as the mainstream media, prefer to provide a very limited coverage of the atrocities the government commits against its own people. The MSM could very well be on the payroll of the Chinese Communist government for their duplicity in propagating very similar talking points in defense of the Chinese Communist propagandists.

Another recent article from Newsweek International that was picked up in Ecuador featured an interview with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in which he gave a great review of China, but in his comparison to the U.S., Carter seemed to be waxing Marxist apologist: “Since 1979, do you know how many times China has been at war with anybody? …None. And we have stayed at war.” He noted, that “The U.S has only enjoyed 16 years of peace in its 242-year history, making the country “the most warlike nation in the history of the world.”

Of course citizens do accept Carter as an intelligent guy, or at least we thought he was (as he got to become POTUS), but would his own expression of praises for China be so loud if he had been paying attention to the works Chinese Communists were doing against Christians in China? By the way, Carter is the president who went to the Pope to settle the problems he was having with the Muslim extremists who took Americans hostage in Iran. The persecution of religious people in China is much worse than what happened to the American hostages in the late 1970s.

The Christians are only one of the seven religious groups facing persecution in China. The parameters of Brown’s article,  as well as the Newsweek article featuring the former president, Jimmy Carter, force an artificial set of parameters upon the casual reader—especially those that do not realize how much dogmatic bias is contained within the pages. The only main point made by Brown was reiterated in a paragraph in which he portrayed a false paradigm in order to explain away the problem with China. He explains that China is being seen as an “existential threat” only because “a vocal constituency across the world, those more and more wedded to the vision of China as a kind of existential threat, it [COVID-19] has also been the moment that offered them concrete proof that finally, utterly and without mitigation, China is guilty.

Essentially, Brown’s simplistic premise is that the fact COVID-19 occurred, was an easy excuse for those who see China as an evil empire to find them guilty. He even questions the origins of the COVID-19 Pandemic as being debatable. Parroting of propagandists in Communist China is fairly easy; one just copies and pastes. People who are naive and who suffer from anemic-information received from the MSM, turn into low-information voters. It is a good strategy for Newsweek and CNN and MSNBC and their comrades to paint China innocent of any real wrongdoing in the 19th or 20th centuries, but it still is only propaganda.

It is certainly one more reason to practice “media distancing” or “toxic media avoidance,” as it has been advised before. American citizens would be far better off in reading news based upon legitimate investigation—journalism that is actually formulated upon digging for facts and information, as opposed to cutting and pasting from some foreign nationals, or regurgitating dictation from the Party narrative. Brown’s article was entitled ‘China Hawks Are Calling Coronavirus Their Smoking Gun. Don’t Buy It.’ I would suggest the last part of the title as an action plan for dealing with all MSM political reporting: Don’t Buy It! It is certainly not worth even a $1 bill.

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