President’s Day — Forever Changed By Leftist Haters

President’s Day — Forever Changed By Leftist Haters

By Dennis JamisonFebruary 17, 2020

The choices in 2020 could not be more distinct, and hate should not be the basis for the decisions

Contrary to popular confusion, there is no such federal holiday as President’s Day. The popular holiday used for three-day weekend diversions, is actually a federal holiday to officially honor George Washington, although his date of birth occurs on February 22nd. State governments have created the illusion of a President’s Day for other presidents, but the nationwide law creating the holiday is not a celebration of various American presidents. Nevertheless, since the 2016 presidential race there has been a great deal of clarity for the American public about presidential election politics, which has now led to the “Not My President’s Day” mentality of recent years.

Parameters of a “Not My President’s Day”

Certainly, the “Not My President’s Day” mentality mushroomed into the long, drawn-out process of impeachment politics as operated by the Democrat leadership. This effort was fueled by hatred of Donald Trump as he became the President of the United States. It began with an orchestrated “whine-in” that swept through the entire breadth and width of the “opposition” party and related celebrity voices all voicing the chant: “He’s not my president.” The most gullible participants were the ones with very limited bandwidth in understanding American politics—low information voters, and people well-fed by political propaganda.

This President’s Day serves as a good opportunity to examine the potpourri politics of President’s Day, or at least the parameters of a “Not My President’s Day.” Unfortunately, for the historically challenged, President’s Day is really a celebration of the very first in the line of presidents: George Washington. The holiday under federal law is still George Washington’s birthday despite all variations of perceptions of the purpose of “President’s Day.” Yet, given the state of mind of the Democrat Party leaders and their sycophants, it is likely that the Left and the Democrat-led “useful idiots” would also want to disown the “Father of our country” due to his former slave-owning status.

Of course, declaring that George Washington was “Not My President” could be a serious dilemma because the great grandaddy of the “Democratic” Party was Andrew Jackson, a slave-beating, slave owner from the dark past of American history. Unfortunately, efforts at transparency with regard to the mainstream media regarding America’s past cannot be considered reliable, or completely historically correct, as evidenced by the New York Times 1619 Project. But, why let facts get in the way when you have a disinformation narrative to spew?

George Wasington is a target of the Leftist disdain

It is not that far-fetched a thought that the New York Times and the other MSM outlets of like mentality would even declare that George Washington was “Not My President” too. The logic is that George Washington, even though he was factually our first president, because he was a racist, he really wasn’t our first president. Yet setting aside leftist logic, which is a distortion of logic, George Wasington is a target of the Leftist disdain. In fact, the entire system of government under the United States Constitution that Washington helped to formulate is a target of Leftist disdain. Yet, most Americans are independent and choose to believe what they want to believe—until, of course, political correctness seeped into the culture.

Consider this: “Not My President” whiners after Donald Trump was elected POTUS at the end of 2016 morphed into nationwide protests at the inauguration in 2017. Then, as the machinations of the Deep State operatives unfolded in offices, hallways, and even basements of the entrenched and enraged bureaucrats, the coup d’ etat commenced. In March of last year, Fox News eventually caught up with it via the story by Gregg Re and Catherine Herridge that dealt with more revelations about the infamous FISA warrant (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act authority) that essentially gave the green light to Deep State operatives to proceed with spying on Donald Trump and staff members of his campaign for POTUS.

Fox News had been leading the way to expose the truth that the attacks against Donald Trump, even as a candidate, were founded in lies and distortions of truth. The Deep State efforts to sway the election, the initiation of the investigation into “Russian collusion,” and the Mueller investigation, were all based upon hatred and resting upon one fabrication after another. The ultimate objective was to pave a pathway to the impeachment of the POTUS. And, the outrageous sham conducted by the Democrat leadership in the House of Representatives described as impeachment procedures shredded protocol and laid a foundation of precedent for harassment and obstruction of any sitting POTUS.

Nancy Pelosi’s dramatic ripping up of the SOTU speech papers

In the aftermath of this political showdown, there is now a way that Congress has put into action to undermine the Constitution by destroying the separation of the powers of the three branches of the federal government.  If such people no longer believe in it, how long will the Constitution be respected. Nancy Pelosi’s dramatic ripping up of the SOTU speech papers is quite symbolic of not only disrespect for the president, but of any future president the opposition party may want to target in a similar manner. President Trump is correct when he says that this ordeal he has gone through should not have to happen to any other POTUS. But in the aftermath of this ordeal, what constraints are there in place to ensure that such a debacle would not be instigated again?

Legalisms aside, most Americans choose to believe what they choose to believe. And, since this is an election year, the voters will get to express clearly what they believe at the ballot box. But the attack upon President Trump in this time, is really what Democrats were hoping would taint his presidency and aid them in the 2020 elections. They wanted to attach a “stink” to the president, but, it represents their lack of respect toward the office of the POTUS itself. They attempted to leave a taint upon the office of the president. Even now, with the coordinated cries in the media and through the various talking heads that “the president is not above the law,” or that no one is above the law, it shows efforts to marginalize the office of the president.

If enough suspicion is cast upon one man and that person’s position, it can leave doubt in the minds of an uneducated or uninformed people. Attorneys, and there are plenty of them in politics, are quite good at casting reasonable doubt so a jury cannot be totally certain of a person’s testimony, or of the one being tried. The Democrats have been all about laying a case against President Trump in an effort to cast reasonable doubt upon him as a leader. The Democrats have been trying the case against Trump in the court of public opinion and the jury is essentially the American people. We are in full swing of one more election year. However, it is not any ordinary election year.

The Left and the Progressives have come out of the closet and are no longer in a frame of mind about hiding their Socialist agenda

While all of this long trail leading to impeachment appears on the surface as a serious attack to get rid of President Trump, it is not likely the attacks against Trump are the end game. The Left and the Progressives have come out of the closet and are no longer in a frame of mind about hiding their Socialist agenda. A new frontrunner of the “Democratic” Party is the Socialist, Bernie Sanders. We have come to a tipping point in America at this point in our history.

In 2020, Americans are being forced to really decide what they really believe in. And if they don’t really believe in President Trump, they may not really believe in having a president at all—possibly a Politburo may be more to the liking of the American people. Certainly, if American voters are swallowing the political propaganda of the Democrat- driven disrespect for American greatness, we are well on our way to losing the true value underlying the office of the president. The choices in 2020 could not be more distinct, and hate should not be the basis for the decisions.

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