Progressive Bloodlust

Progressive Bloodlust

By: Michael J. Lewinski – 7/11/2020

When we are at our lowest point as a country, that is when we as a people are at our best. We are not quite there yet, but we are close to shucking off the evil  bloodlust Progressives have brought to us.

“With their “political correctness,” Progressives are agitating for a race war. They are pitting minorities against whites. It’s worked for a long time, but it’s losing its bite. People are beginning to understand race is only skin deep. Underneath there is the one creature created by God. He does not recognize color as He expects us to not see differences in color.

People are beginning to see the light and accepting the common sense of conservative thinking that recognizes that all people are created equal in God’s eyes. All individuals are entitled to life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness.

People are learning that Progressives are turning us on one another to increase their power and wealth. They want to replace a democratic America with a communist dictatorship. These elites will bleed the people of their wealth and insist the people will serve them.

Our children are leading the way in not seeing differences in people. They look not at their skin color, but rather their look at their behaviors. That’s where they separate bad from good. And that’s were there elders should make judgments about other people.

To do this, we must be honest with ourselves. We must begin to recognize that behaviors we associate with a particular race are exhibited by all races. We must ask God for the wisdom to sort all this out.

We must discern right from wrong. We need to listen to the conscience with which the Holy Spirit endowed us. We need to listen to the better angels within us.

The second greatest command God has for us is to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. How can you love others if you hate them because of the color of their skin? As Alveda King has observed, “we all bleed the same red blood.” It’s time for a change.

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