Progressives Are Never Held Accountable

Progressives Are Never Held Accountable

By Michael J. Lewinski – 8/30/21

The military leaders at Kabul Airbase let their troops down big time. They knew a suicide bomber was on his way, and they had plenty of time to react according to a whistleblower. They even identified the guy and knew what type of explosives he was packing.

Who will be held accountable? No one! Progressives are never punished for their mistakes, even when Americans die because of negligence. They aren’t being held accountable for their open borders policies and the citizens who will die because of COVID-19 infections illegal aliens are carrying – or the deaths resulting from drugs coming from Mexico.

The Progressive, Democratic Socialist/Communist party is not being held accountable for the high prices we are paying for gasoline after they threw thousands of Americans out of their jobs with the closing of the Keystone XL pipeline and also shut down oil and gas drilling on government lands. They are not being held accountable for the high inflation rates we are experiencing when we go to the store or purchase a car. It is the same for the labor shortages we are experiencing with couch potatoes drawing an extra $300 a week for not going to work.

Why, after all, should the elite Progressives be held accountable? They are special people, unlike ordinary American citizens – the pawns who serve them. They know so much more than we do, so why should they be held accountable.

In 2022 and 2024, we, the American people have a chance to hold them accountable. We can throw them out of office, and where appropriate, put them behind bars for their willful negligence which caused innocent people to die. We can do that if moderate, Libertarian, and Conservative Americans from both parties grow a backbone and stand up to them through the voting process.

To do this, first, we must ask God to help us. Then we must ask others to work for Conservative candidates along with us. We must register new voters and drive people to the polls if they need transportation. Everybody must vote to get rid of this Progressive scourge.

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