“Progressives” Desire to “Kill the King” by Impeaching Trump

“Progressives” Desire to “Kill the King” by Impeaching Trump

Donald Trump is the personification of all that the Socialists/Communists hate

By Dennis Jamison – March 19, 2019

Last week Nancy Pelosi (D-CA),made a statement in an interview with the Washington Post that impeaching President Donald Trump was “not worth it…” For intelligent people who do not buy into the mainstream media’s non-stop barrage of attacks against the president, it seemed an idiotic statement. Anyone who understands how the process of impeachment works also understands there are not enough votes anyway to move to convict Trump of something that would qualify as “impeachable.” Certainly, since the 2016 election the “Democrat” Party has attempted to manufacture some type of “impeachable” offense via Robert Mueller’s wasteful witch hunt.

Pelosi and Schiff try to walk away from this outrageous fiasco

Dittoing the statement by Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the one leading the House investigations into Trump “crimes,” said it more directly when interviewed by CNN. Schiff admitted the obvious: “In the absence of very graphic evidence, it would be difficult to get the support in the Senate needed to make an impeachment successful. Again, my feeling is let’s see what Bob Mueller produces. But the evidence would have to be pretty overwhelming,” It’s highly likely that Schiff, being an intelligent guy, knows Mueller has found absolutely nothing that Trump did that would be credible impeachable offenses.

The Democrat core leadership may realize the end to their obstructionist efforts will be coming to an end as the new Attorney General, William Barr begins t take control of the debacle. The entire “Democratic” Party realized that when they could not capture the Senate in the 2018 elections, they would not be able to impeach Trump. Schiff admitted it in his recent statement. It may have been their hope against hope that Mueller would have dug something up in over two years, but all those man hours, all those taxpayer dollars were wasted on a political coup to eliminate a duly elected representative of the people of the United States. In reality, it is the cabal at the heart of the coup that should be investigated, and if found guilty of sedition, they should be punished to the highest extent of the law.

Yet, as both Pelosi and Schiff try to walk away from this outrageous fiasco, with an air of legitimacy to it, they will not give up their attempts to continue to seriously impede and obstruct President Trump. The Democrats did win the House of Representatives, and they will make the most use of it they can in an ongoing effort to harass Trump because the agenda is to attack and try the president in the news Media and in the social media where he is guilty until proven innocent. But, Trump will always appear just plain guilty in the public opinion courts of the Leftists. It is an overall attempt to divide the people from a major popular leader who is accomplishing good things for America for once.

President Trump is an existential threat to the Left and the Progressives

It is interesting to note that President Trump tweeted out a reply to Pelosi’s statement:

“I greatly appreciate Nancy Pelosi’s statement against impeachment, but everyone must remember the minor fact that I never did anything wrong, the Economy and Unemployment are the best ever, Military and Vets are great – and many other successes! How do you impeach….

…a man who is considered by many to be the President with the most successful first two years in history, especially when he has done nothing wrong and impeachment is for ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’? “

It is quite obvious that the Left and elected “Progressives” will continue to pursue their strategies to divide the public from a major popular leader. He is an existential threat, and for continued survival of their political movement, Trump must be attacked, must be hindered in his bold initiatives, and must be removed as an obstacle to their control of the electorate. And, there are multiple channels of activity in the Left’s attempts to publicly defame, ridicule, and shackle Donald Trump. The “Progressives” will continue to implement brazen initiatives to remove Trump from office.

First, there is a violation of the long standing legal precedent that in America, that any citizen is innocent until proven guilty. The core Democrat criminal cabal at the eye of this insurrection has decided they will investigate a United States’ citizen until they can find a crime to fit the individual. Radio talk show host Michael Savage may have been the first to peg Robert Mueller’s investigation as a witch hunt on par with the Soviet Union’s machinations under Joseph Stalin as he secured his own control of the Communist Party in the former Soviet Union.

Mueller’s investigation was a lot similar to the style of Lavrentiy Beria

Savage, a student of history, pointed out last year that Mueller’s investigation was a lot similar to the style of Lavrentiy Beria, who was Stalin’s Chief of Soviet Secret Police (the NKVD) and State Security Administrators. Beria was once considered one of the most ruthless of Stalin’s security operatives, and was reputed to be the longest serving of the chiefs of the NKVD. He helped Stalin rise to power before World War II and helped him purge his enemies. Savage reminded his listeners that one of the statements Beria was well known for was: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” As head of Stalin’s NKVD, he would brag that he could find a crime to fit the individual—even the innocent. Because of his loyalty he rose through the ranks of power, and in 1941, Beria became the Commissar General of State Security, which was the highest rank in the Soviet police system at the time.

In many ways Savage’s assessment may be appropriate. When American justice drifts to the extreme in which is is currently floundering, something is terribly wrong. Recent announcements by the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler stating the Democrats are going to essentially pick up where Mueller left off are a warning. Those Democrats in the House, led by a rabid Democrat leadership, is no longer interested in advancing America’s best interests, they are out for primarily advancing the Party’s interests in acquiring more power. Commissar Beria, rather Representative Nadler, had planned to request documents from dozens of citizens connected to the Trump White House and even Trump’s immediate family. He vowed in early March essentially to keep trying to find a crime to fit President Trump. Tragically, the American taxpayers are going to fund another witch hunt—if they could string out the Mueller investigations for two years, Nadler and company will likely follow the same path, only via Congress.

There is second channel of activity that needs to be understood as well. It appears the witch hunt may continue, unless of course polling data shows that the American public is fed up with paying for witch hunts and Soviet-style purge tactics. However, a second channel of destructive activity was brought up by Rush Limbaugh. He recently shared his belief that the Democrat leaders have probably conceded they have to wait until after the 2020 elections to impeach Trump.This means they may have also conceded to themselves that he will be re-elected. But, Rush believes there will be a similar initiative to what the Democrats did to impeach Richard Nixon after he was re-elected. Although he was not successfully impeached, Nixon resigned in disgrace. This reverts back to the efforts to try Trump in the court of public opinion, which will be inflamed by the MSM.


Donald Trump is the personification of all that the Socialists/Communists hate

Finally, one over arching channel in all of the efforts of the “Progressives” is the strategy to “kill the king,” or to symbolically destroy Trump and all that he stands for – a renewed and revitalized America. This mentality was prevalent within the Jacobin political party during the French Revolution. The Jacobins were the cabal at that time at the heart of the the derailment of the popular revolution for freedom in France. The Jacobins were capable of diverting a genuine fight for freedom and transforming it into one of the worst expressions of man’s inhumanity to man through the repression that followed in the Reign of Terror as well as their purge of the First Estate. Their logical conclusion in that time was that the nobility had to be purged – especially the king. And, they killed him.

Donald Trump is the personification of all that the Socialists/Communists hate, and he has thwarted their ascendancy to power in this time. Patriots, Conservatives,  and true Christians need to re-examine what they believe in, what they would be willing to fight for, and even what they would be willing to die for. There is an entire movement of the Leftists/Socialists/Communists, who are referred to politely as “Progressives,” whose very existence is absolutely threatened by Trump and the “deplorables” who elected him. This is the battle true Americans must fight to preserve the Republic. This is the time Benjamin Franklin prophesied about – the question is whether true Americans love the Republic enough to keep it.

Dennis Jamison reinvented his life after working for a multi-billion dollar division of Johnson & Johnson for several years. Currently retired from West Valley College in California, where he taught for nearly 10 years, he now writes articles on history and American freedom for various online publications.

Formerly a contributor to the Communities at the Washington Times and Fairfax Free Citizen, his more current articles appear in Canada Free Press and Communities Digital News. During the 2016 presidential primaries, he was the leader of a network of writers, bloggers, and editors who promoted the candidacy of Dr. Ben Carson. Jamison founded “We the People” – Patriots, Pilgrims, Prophets Writers’ Network and the Citizen Sentinels Network. Both are volunteer groups for grassroots citizen-journalists and activists intent on promoting and preserving the inviolable God-given freedoms rooted in the founding documents. 

Jamison also co-founded Red America Consulting to identify, counsel, and support citizen-candidates, who may not have much campaign money, but whose beliefs and deeds reflect the role of public servants rather than power-hungry politicians.  ​

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