Protecting Religious Liberty

Protecting Religious Liberty

By Michael J. Lewinski 10/13/19

President Trump just cannot catch a break. The deep state tried to impeach him with the Russian hoax. Now they are trying to impeach him with the Ukraine hoax. The progressive Democrats, never-Trump RINOs, the bureaucrats in the deep state, and their allies in the mainstream media will not stop trying to impeach him until November 2024.

It is not this witch hunt I want to focus on today. It is instead the threat to our religious liberty which has been threatened by progressive Democrats. Beto O’Rourke has pledged to revoke the tax-exempt status of churches, schools, hospitals and other institutions for rejecting same-sex marriage. Many in the Democratic Party are hostile to God.

In an article, “Religious Liberty is Critical for Believers and Non-Believers Alike,” Kay Coles James, leader of the Heritage Foundation, commented on President Trump’s having called a conference on Religious Liberty at the UN.

Citing many studies, Ms. James identifies “how important religious liberty is to the peace, prosperity, and freedom of the religious and non-religious alike.” Conversely, how much damage a lack of respect and toleration can have on peace and prosperity.

She shows societies with large religious populations experience less crime and violence. Non-believers benefit from “churches and religious organizations… building schools, hospitals, research centers, homeless shelters, and food kitchens for the benefit of everyone….”

“…Religious freedom is one of three factors significantly associated with overall economic growth. A study found that both government restrictions on religion and societal hostility to religion harmed economic growth, driving away business investment as well as home-grown entrepreneurs who decided to take their talents elsewhere. Businesses seek peace and stability when locating facilities or seeking new markets in which to sell their products and services, which increases employment and wages for people.”

If we want to defend and protect religious freedom, we must support President Trump’s freedom agenda. To do this we have to vote out of office the God-hating progressive Democrats in next year’s elections. Ask God to protect President Trump’s various religious initiatives. It’s up to you to protect your God-given rights.  

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