Public School Failure

Public School Failure

By Bonnie M. Parsley

As students are returning to school this fall, we expect them to learn all the things that will lead them to a successful life. We want them to be able to read, to write intelligently, to be able to work math problems and to have a grounding in science. We also expect them to understand American history, world history and current events. We do not want them indoctrinated with social justice ideology or political correctness.

As a former teacher, I am appalled at what is being taught in our public schools today, especially those in California. While our kids are falling behind in math, science and reading, school districts are being required to implement programs that I believe will cause harm to our children. There is a new sex-ed program being introduced into California schools this fall that will lead to sexual experimentation, promiscuity and disease in our young people.

This new program will cause much confusion and psychological damage to students in middle school and high school. A recent video put out by Jeremiah Films shows a representative from Cardea Services teaching educators how to cut parents out of knowing what is going on with their children. It also reveals a secret recording of a meeting where these people instruct educators how they can hide the fact that they are taking girls out of school to obtain an abortion. 

Some of the materials they will be teaching are what most people would consider pornographic. They will also be explaining (encouraging) every kind of sexual activity that has traditionally been viewed as deviant. You can watch this video on your computer here:

Public schools today are failing our children. According to The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), the most recent results from 2015 placed the U.S. 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science. Reading scores are not much better. Just under 20% of high school grads haven’t developed basic reading proficiency by the time they graduate.

There are many reasons for the public schools failing our children. Among these is the fact that every few years educators come up with new ways of teaching that they say will improve student scores. Many of these programs have been tried in college laboratory schools where students do not reflect the general population. They are generally the kids of the university professors, doctors and other professional parents. It is not surprising that these kids do well regardless of the change in teaching methods.

I remember when they took phonics out of the curriculum and replaced it with the whole word sight method. This left kids with no way to sound out a word. They simply had to memorize words as if they were pictures. I fought the school district when they decided to teach the whole word method, but they could not be persuaded. They had decided that phonics had to go. My daughter was three years old at the time, so I began to teach her reading using phonics.  When she started first grade, she was reading on a third-grade level. 

There also was a time when modern math was being introduced. I was teaching 4th grade at the time and the class was starting to learn long division. The modern math way took an entire page for the students to work out one problem. The kids were struggling and having a difficult time learning how to solve division problems. Their math grades were going down and they were feeling frustrated. As their teacher, I was worried that they were feeling defeated and were giving up. One day I decided to go against the rules and show them the old way of doing long division — the way that I learned and countless generations earlier had learned.

I quietly closed my classroom door, knowing that I would be in trouble if the principal found out what I was doing. After showing the children the old way of doing long division, a huge wave of relief and excitement filled the classroom. Comments like, “Wow, that’s so easy,” and “Oh, I get it now,” erupted in the room. So, I told the kids, I don’t care how you solve the problem, use the new math way or use this way, as long as you get the right answer. And from then on, their grades rose and their confidence returned.

Today, we have Common Core math. They are saying that the correct answer is not important as long as the child can explain how he arrived there. Teachers are told to mark the problem wrong if the child doesn’t do it the Common Core way. I have a six-year-old granddaughter who just started 1st grade. Her mother told me that they are teaching her addition, subtraction, multiplication and division all at the same time, and she is completely frustrated. Her mom and dad, who both have advanced degrees, cannot even help her.

One of the most disturbing things about public school education today is the lack of civics education and instruction about our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We are not teaching history in such a way that gives kids an appreciation of all the sacrifice and duty expended in order to establish and protect our freedom. Schools are not encouraging patriotism, regard for our founders or respect for the law. History books used in our high schools today do great damage to the idea of a united America. They promote victimhood and give minorities an excuse to fail.

Parents are busy today, but I would encourage anyone with children in public schools to find out what they are being taught. This may take some investigation. Ask them questions, get a copy of their history book and read it. Supplement their learning with other resources. Find out if they are truly being educated to become well-grounded in basic skills needed to succeed in adulthood. 

If you find that your children are frustrated by homework and hating school, I would encourage you to move them out of these government schools into schools that inspire them to learn and that reflect the values that will lead them to a happy and fulfilling life.

Bonnie Parsley is a former schoolteacher. She has been active in Republican political organizations for the past 15 years. She has written many published articles which she compiled into a book titled “Restoring American Exceptionalism.” She is also the author of a booklet contrasting political parties, their philosophies, their goals and the consequences of each for America.


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  1. Grin n barrett -

    The destruction of a nation by burrowing inside and destroying us from our college, then high schools, then middle and finally elementary levels. We are killing our own nation, just like our founders said we would do. It couldn’t be done from the outside so along comes Soros. He spends billions after the failure on the Nazi’s part, to convert us to the one world order Hitler dreamed of. All under our very noses, we allow the Alinsky plan to be insinuated into our very schools and government. We are under attack. We are allowing it to happen. Control schools, control food, control medical care, control and or erase history so we don’t figure out what they are doing to us, we sit here and allow it. The few of us who are fighting it, can’t get the rest to listen. We are called insane conspiracy nuts, as our government crumbles under our feet, with the help of our younger generation, who didn’t learn the lessons history had to teach them, because it was hidden from them in the name of political correctness. Wake up people, while there is still a slight change Trump can pull us out from under about 80 years of attack from within. Like a worm inside an apple, a tick sucking our blood, we are being eaten alive from the inside out. Our borders are being over run, with the hope of breaking our financial backs. If we don’t use this hail Mary pass and allow this man to stop this attack, we better all start looking for a new home, like that will matter, as so goes the United States of America… goes the world.

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