Puppet Masters

puppet master

Puppet Masters

By: Michael J. Lewinski – 8/10/2020

Kevin Mooneyhan recently wrote, “…You may have heard that Angela Davis, the former Communist Party USA Vice Presidential candidate, supplier of the weapon used to murder a judge, former Black Panther, Marxist academic, and known anti-Semite , recently said voting for Joe Biden this November is critical because he is the candidate ‘who can be most effectively pressured by the left.”

One of the people who will manipulate puppet Biden is Rep. Jan Schakowsky with a “…bill that would allow U.S. taxpayer-funded international aid programs (contrary to the Hyde Amendment) to pay for abortion procedures in Africa and other locations around the world.” It seems that black babies don’t matter.

If Joe Biden is elected, they are going to legislate a variation of the Green New Deal driving up our energy costs, making us dependent on our enemies for oil and gas, and destroying millions of good-paying energy jobs. This is in light of the fact that they are going to limit drilling on land and off the coasts. 

The Democratic Socialists/Communists will pay off the teachers’ unions and give us a continuation of the poor education/propaganda results, and limit private choices for educational alternatives.

At a time when we need more hands-on skills, the puppet masters are going to waste taxpayer dollars for a free college education. With all their deficit spending, inflation will come back to haunt us again. Especially, since all that money will be chasing fewer goods and services and result in job-killing regulations they’ll impose on the economy again.

The only way to stop the Progressive destruction is to vote for Conservative and moderate Christian candidates.

There are good people like: Senators Mike Braun, Todd Young, Mike Lee and Rand Paul, whom we can’t vote for in 2020. However, in Kentucky, we can vote for Mitch McConnell. In the House of Representatives, we can vote for people like Elsie Stefanik, Jim Banks, Jim Jordan, Jeff Duncan, Mark Meadows, Louie Gohmert, Russ Fulcher, Bradley Byrne, Greg Pence, Larry Bucshon, and many more across the county.

Also, we can vote for President Trump.


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