Push Back Against Bearing False Witness

Original Caption: “A crowd of teenagers surrounded a Native American elder and other activists and mocked them after Friday’s Indigenous Peoples March at the Lincoln Memorial.”

Push Back Against Bearing False Witness

By Kathleen Hall

Recent letters from three writers in our Catholic newspaper showed that they could not wait even one day for the full video to be released to learn the Covington students at the March for Life were the targeted victims of yet another fabricated incident. Instead, they chose to immediately libel them and attack our President.

The boys’ crime? Wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, as protected by our First Amendment Right of freedom of expression. Now it seems this is only a “right” for some; others exercise this right at their own risk. Is this the Judeo-Christian country we support as Christians?

Verbally abused for the better part of an hour by a vile protest group while waiting for their bus, the boys sang school chants to drown out the hateful, unprintable slurs. The Indian drummer, known for activist agitation and arrests, drummed his way into the school gathering and into the face of Nick Sandmann, who did not move or respond verbally.

As Christians and Catholics, we need to push back on bearing false witness to target the innocent — whether we agree with them politically or not; whether we agree the unborn are “living persons” or not; and the “power of money” comment referring to the ability to afford a legal defense, reveals the sad, misguided resentment of  anyone with financial means. These writers contributed to the climate of hate with their shameful haste to join the lie and help spread it without hesitating to verify the facts.

Nick Sandmann’s family was placed in grave danger at their home through vicious social media posts and irresponsible, dangerous practices of the press, which have gone on for far too long. They will seek legal justice and redress, for their sake and ours, or this will keep happening again and again — and far too easily.

We are allowing a serious decline in decency and civil society, even as Christians in this, as well as many other instances. Love met hate at the Lincoln Memorial. We need to be sure which is which, and act as our faith teaches. Our Christian belief in truth should prevail in the public arena, no matter what our politics. 

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