Qanon Strategic and Tactical Update

Qanon Strategic and Tactical Update

by Praying Medic – Dave Hughes – August 25, 2020

The media’s public war against Qanon has escalated. In the last two weeks, members of the press have asked President Trump and people close to him to denounce Qanon. The list of people includes White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Vice-President Mike Pence, House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Melania Trump’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham, and acting head of Homeland Security Chad Wolf.

The tactic being used by the media is to demand that Qanon be denounced. If the individual doesn’t comply, they’re confronted with the unproven claim that the FBI labeled Qanon a terror threat. (The validity of that claim is examined in this article.)

The decision to interrogate people close to the President about Qanon appears to be a coordinated strategy employed by multiple news networks. This tactic reveals the goals of the corporate media complex, and it allows us to identify our own goals.

For some time, I’ve held out hope that one person in the media might offer their platform to a Q supporter. Naive though this hope may have been, I thought an anon might have a chance to discuss Q on a nationally televised broadcast. I believe that possibility is now off the table. If the last week’s events prove anything, they demonstrate the corporate media’s determination to shame all public figures who refuse to disavow Q publicly. Anyone who hesitates will be accused of lending support to violent extremists. This means that anyone with a national audience who may have considered giving Q fair treatment will be forced to remain silent or publicly disavow Q.

Politicians don’t take risks unless they have a high probability of benefit. Anyone occupying an elected office won’t risk alienating Q skeptics in an election year, and they won’t risk being publicly shamed by the media. Elected officials can be expected to universally disavow Q, even those who secretly read Q’s posts. The move to disavow Q is gaining momentum, as evidenced by a resolution in the House to repudiate Qanon.

Anyone with aspirations of being elected to public office has nothing to lose and much to gain by supporting Qanon. Since Q is primarily about exposing corruption, would-be politicians can add to their base support by associating themselves with a grassroots anti-corruption movement.

The goal for the media is eliminating any support we might receive from public figures. That tactic seems to be strategically timed with the removal of Q accounts from social media platforms. The purpose is to demoralize us in the hope that we’ll abandon our attempts to spread the truth. Awareness of government corruption has left anons more or less indifferent to the opinions of elected leaders who don’t support Q.

The bottom line is that we aren’t going to receive help from anyone with a reputation that could be damaged by their association with the movement. It’s all on us. If the world is going to know the truth about corruption, we’re the ones who will make it happen.

The movement will grow, despite efforts by the press and politicians to shut it down. The media are desperate. That’s why they took the risk of putting Qanon in the public spotlight. That move caused unprecedented internet searches by normies looking for information about Q. Too many people are already red-pilled to the truth and more are waking up every day. The movement has grown to the point where it can’t be stopped, even if the largest accounts on social media were to be suspended or their owners turned against Q.

Since the media’s current tactic is to portray us as violent, it’s more important now than ever to demonstrate the true character of the movement—love for others, tolerance of opposing views, and open-minded research and discussion of current events. The false claim that we are violent has been used to justify de-platforming us. Although de-platforming is likely to worsen, we need to continue our research and engage in discussions on whatever social media platforms will have us.

That’s all for this update. Thank you for your time. Please keep Q and President Trump in prayer.

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