Real American Values

Real American Values

By Michael J. Lewinski

Truth, honesty, compassion and tolerance are not the values of progressive leftists. They deny the ideology of anyone who has different ideas and they work hard to shut them down in a New York minute.

Progressives harm people through surgery and puberty blockers which are proscribed for transitioning into the opposite sex. Many of the people who have gone through these transitions have regretted having done so. It is a tragedy for the young children who undergo the procedures, and for the children who are confused by Progressive teachers who tell them that they can choose their own gender.

Leftists deceive others when proposing ideas they fraudulently claim would improve people’s lives. These poor souls have little regard for feelings of others.

Dishonesty is a hallmark of progressive leftists. AOC told us that we only have 12 years before climate change will destroy the world. They are encouraging people to not have babies. Their Green New Deal is going to deny you the beef we enjoy. It’s going to force people to retrofit every building in America. They are going to ban the internal combustion engine. Say goodbye to your cars and trucks. Jet travel will be a thing of the past. On top of that, they lie about its costs.

While they claim to be compassionate, look at their attitudes towards Christians who are being persecuted. Or their attitude towards white people whom they claim are racists and misogynists and homophobes.  They have no hearts.

Progressives tolerate no one. The ideas of moderates, conservatives, libertarians and liberals are rejected by them. They don’t believe in free speech. They reject the idea of American greatness. They dismiss the American Constitution. They reject the traditional family and traditional values. They have no regard for our competitive free market economy which has given us a great standard of living.

Truth, honesty, compassion and tolerance are high American values practiced by most people. It is at the ballot-box that we can salvage and reclaim these cherished American values.


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