Redefining “Infrastructure”

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks next to Vice President Kamala Harris as he meets with a bipartisan group of members of Congress to discuss the American Jobs Plan infrastructure package in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S., April 12, 2021. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Redefining “Infrastructure”

By Jim Bratten – 4/12/21

As we see all too frequently, when Progressives have difficulty winning over opinion to favor their policies, they simply change the definition of the words describing the issue, policy, or program. “Words mean things,” to quote Rush Limbaugh, but in Progressive La-La Land words are fluid –  a definition can change due to political whims or to satisfy ideological agendas. As always, “The ends justify the means.” For the neo-Marxists now in charge of the Democrat-Socialist Party, any tactic or strategy is acceptable for the radical changes necessary for a quick transformation of this republic to a top-down Marxist state.

Joe Biden’s administration, supported enthusiastically by the Democrat Media, has changed the accepted definition of the word infrastructure to include “any purpose for irresponsible, profligate spending, money laundering, or political payoffs.”

To shield the $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan of alleged president Joe Biden from the dangers of a filibuster by Republicans, Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Chuck Schumer (NY), has received the “go ahead” from the Senate Parliamentarian. Now the outlandish, misnamed infrastructure plan of the neo-Marxist Democrats can go before the Senate as a “reconciliation” bill, even though the rules say this configuration can only be used once per session for a specific spending concern outside a budget. It only requires a simple majority vote (51 of 100) instead of 60.

Democrats are very familiar with this maneuver since, under the Obama Regime, budgets were essentially non-existent; reconciliation bills were roundly abused as a replacement for a traditional budget, keeping the Republican minority in a constant fit of frustration.

In Joe Biden’s massive, outrageous $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan there’s very little that actually can be classed as infrastructure. Analysts have placed the qualifying items in this bill (roads, bridges, waterways, airports, power lines, etc.) at less than 15% of the total expenditures. There is some token funding for roads, bridges, and highways, repaired or replaced, in Biden’s American Renovation Plan — $115 billion. And airports get $25 billion. But, some really big-ticket items that have never been classified as “infrastructure” are the massive bulk of this bill.

Some of the non-essentials are: $20 billion for bike lanes; $400 billion for care of elderly and disabled Americans; $213 billion in “affordable housing;” $174 billion to boost the electric vehicle market; $137 billion for universal Pre-K public schools; $10 billion for a new “civilian climate corps;” $25 billion for upgrades to childcare facilities; $10 billion for historically black colleges and universities; and $30 billion to “create jobs and prevent job losses from COVID.” Wasn’t this last expense included in the multiple, trillion-dollar “COVID bills?”

There’s even $16 billion spent to reverse some benefits of infrastructure — the capping or plugging of oil and natural gas wells and shut-down of pipelines. This will not improve our infrastructure! It dismantles it. As Newsmax host Greg Kelly asked of the $1.955 trillion non-infrastructure items in the gargantuan bill, “Are any of these things necessary?”

Then, there’s this surprise: According to the White House on March 31, this bill also includes the PRO (Protect the Right to Organize) Act, which ensures “all workers have a free and fair choice to join a union,” and “guarantees union and bargaining rights for public sector workers.”

Where’s the infrastructure in that?

In reality, if you count the highways, bridges, and airports in this spending nightmare, only 6.1% of this “bill” is for traditional national infrastructure. American taxpayers, however, WILL be “billed” for all the garbage that has been stuffed into this sausage casing. Hold your nose if you read the bill, then wash thoroughly.

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