Redefining “violence” enforces suppression

Redefining “violence” enforces suppression

by A. Dru Kristenev – September 8, 2021

Attorney General Merrick Garland says no violence will be tolerated against those seeking an abortion in Texas, implying that implementing the new law that saves the life of unborn children with a heartbeat is an act of “violence.” What clearer signal could there be of abortion’s immorality than satanists coming to the aid of the industry by suing to retain access to what they refer to as a religious ceremony? Human sacrifice, a violent act to which the Satanic Temple’s litigation admits, has never been legal.

Peaceful attendees of the January 6, 2021 rally in Washington D.C. are still languishing in jail denied access to legal representation, health care or fresh air for participating in a “violent insurrection.” Of hundreds charged with breaching Capitol grounds (of which video records law enforcement inviting hundreds past barricades), none were armed or committed assault. Dozens are political prisoners suffering solitary confinement yet have not been charged with any violent crimes. Whereas no perpetrators of armed assaults in cities such as Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis during riots over the last year, incurring millions in damages, have been detained or charged for verified violent crimes.

The Department of Justice has warned potential canvassers walking Arizona precincts that they can be charged for intimidation, implying that violence is inherent in asking registered voters a short series of nonpartisan questions regarding if and how many ballots were submitted from registered addresses. On the other hand, census takers aren’t given the same warning against violence when complaints have been lodged for coercing residents to complete the questionnaire or face legal consequences.

A number of pundits and politicians have sunk to the level of accusing unvaccinated individuals of violence against humanity, that they pose a threat to public health. This is done despite contradicting scientific studies proving natural immunity to be 6.721 times more effective than vaccination to combat infection and transmission of Covid-19.

In every instance above, authorities and purveyors of opinion have redefined “violent” to describe individuals’ benign behavior that doesn’t follow their advice or beliefs. It is using terminology as a weapon to target and marginalize those non-compliant with authoritarian edicts.

While still mostly a matter of semantics in the United States, other countries are witnessing the institution of oppressive measures that exclude “unvaccinated” (which has also been redefined by the CDC to include individuals with less than 14 days passed since inoculation) from not just recreational activities but life-sustaining pursuits of employment and obtaining necessities for survival – food, fuel and healthcare.

Overseas, vaccine mandates have created a backlash where millions of citizens are filling streets in France, Britain and Australia. The first two nations mentioned have had to walk back vaccine passport decrees limiting access to public amenities. Australia, on the other hand, is attempting to double-down on the dictates that are not scientifically supported by asserting that those refusing vaccination are “locking themselves out” of the economy. Government is placing the onus of discrimination on the backs of those discriminated against, a stance that is doomed to boomerang, bringing harsh judgment from the international community, the majority of whose populace is defying globalism.

As words such as violent and unvaccinated are undergoing definition expansion or reworking to suit a political agenda, words themselves are now regarded as violent weapons. That college campuses have become the front in the new war of words is witnessed by the institution of “safe spaces,” social justice bullying, segregated clubs, classes and, incredibly, graduation ceremonies.

How much of considering words to be violence comes from the social media culture that is essentially inert, having no physical power other than to censor online speech. Action in real life is outside the virtual world of tapping out responses and crafting memes on a keyboard. What really makes a difference is the action of walking out the front door and visiting with real neighbors in the real world.

It isn’t only words that are being redefined in the growing restrictive social order controlled by media and public education. Actions themselves are described by terms in opposition of reality. The haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan is a victory according to the White House; $83 Billion of munitions and equipment abandoned to arm the Taliban, the administration says was unavoidable; hundreds of Americans left behind enemy lines request help to come home but the administration says they wanted to stay; the administration identifies 65,000 Afghanis brought to the USA as allies and translators but few speak English; CDC, Biden/Harris administration say Ivermectin isn’t approved for Covid but supplies it to Afghan refugees while disallowing Americans access.

Finally, Biden toured the storm wreckage of Ida in New Jersey and refused to acknowledge the heckles from property owners calling for him to bring Americans home from Afghanistan. He couldn’t help himself as he brushed them off to blithely talk about his foolish war against climate that no man can change.

There is a war but it is against America, what it stands for, the People who built it, the Warriors who fought for it and the Words that established it.

1. “Natural immunity is far superior, as when you recover from the infection, your body makes antibodies against all have proteins of the virus, plus memory T cells that remain even once antibody levels diminish. This gives you far better protection that will likely be lifelong, unless you have impaired immune function.

“Real-world data from Israel confirms this, showing those who have received the COVID jab are 6.72 times more likely to get infected than people with natural immunity.”

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