Reflecting on Democrats and a Convention of Hollow Words

Reflecting on Democrats and a Convention of Hollow Words

By Dennis JamisonAugust 25, 2020

Last week, the Democrat Party pushed out their version of truth, which normal people would call propaganda, but the words spewed out at their convention rang hollow. In fact, anyone suffering from a hangover due to the poisonous propaganda spread across the airwaves should be cured through a good dose of the GOP Convention this week. Yet, some of the propaganda that spewed forth from the “Demorants” at the convention is too hard to not comment on, too hard to pass up, especially speeches given by Hillary Clinton as well as Barack and Michelle Obama.

The Lies of Michelle Obama

One of the most startling realities that emerged from the Democrat Convention was Michelle Obama’s remarks in the keynote speech on the opening night were fact-checked by Associated Press, and that left-leaning news source called out Ms. Obama for the lies she tried to get away with as she repeated the outdated Leftist mantra that President Donald Trump was responsible for “ripping migrant children from their parents and throwing them into cages.” This had been   frequently used Democrat propaganda until some intelligent Democrats sorted it out, and were shocked by the lies of their leaders.

After fact-checking such lies of the leadership, some of the more honorable Democrats who had tweeted out photographs of “kids torn from their families and thrown into cages” from 2014, felt it important to delete their tweets unless they embarrass President Obama. Others, who cling to the lies, like Michelle Obama, or are too stupid to acknowlwedge the lie, continue to propagate it. Such actions are a simple admission from those who continue with the mantra, that they feel they can get away with circulating such lies among people too ignorant to know any better. What Michelle did was to bring the issue back to the surface.

It was President Obama’s Administration that built and used those cages to hold the kids of illegal migrants in temporary custody while their parent’s immigratin status was worked out.The Trump Administration followed similar policies of the Obama Administration in dealing with such a glut of illegals at the U.S.-Mexico border, and used the same or similar chain-link enclosures where migrant children were temporarily housed.

Michelle Obama was attempting to stir anger again that stirred emotions at the height of President Trump’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy. The pictures of the children in cages were taken by the Associated Press, so they would know the truth of the matter. The fact that they would clarify it immediately after the lies were told is significant. May truth regain respect.

Actually, truth was rarely on display in the Democrat rantings last week, and it is noteworthy that Hillary Clinton also took her own jab at Trump “If he had put his own interests and ego aside, seeing the humanity in a child ripped from her parents at the border…” The extreme irony of such a statement in light of this summer’s shootings of so many innocent children shows how shallow and devoid of genuine concern for human life Democrats are.

These two women, two mothers, could bring up the years’ old issue of the illegal immigrant kids at the border being ripped from their parents (during the commission of criminal entry) while not saying one word about innocent black and white children who were killed on Independence Day—who were murdered—ripped from their parents forever. How heartless. And to think, these are considered two women to look up to as leaders in the Party proclaiming that “Black Lives Matter.” How hypocritical and self-serving. If these two women could put their own self interests and egos aside, there may have been some few words of compassion expressed in conjunction with the mention of the immigrant children.

Sadly, in their world only certain people matter. Truly, they show up as queens of ego. But Hillary Clinton went a step further in her admonishment of Trump in that full sentence: “If he had put his own interests and ego aside, seeing the humanity in a child ripped from her parents at the border, or a protester calling for justice, or a family wiped out by natural disaster, that would have been a good thing for America and the world.”

So, by Clinton’s perspective of reality, as well as the rest of the Democrat leadership, “the protestor calling for justice” obscured the anarchist destruction, the Antifa violence, and the BLM terrorism. All they seem to see, or pretend to see, is the “peaceful protestor” that a mainstream media portrays in their own version of propaganda. While it may have been hard for her to face reality head on, she was able to do her job as a good Democrat leader in endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as her Party’s 2020 nominees. Or, was it Barack Obama’s nominees?

Democrat Deep State Spying while Obama was POTUS.  Obama incompetent or complicit

In reality, much of the Party and the Democrat convention has been immersed within Obama’s shadow. Obama’s nefarious influence permeates the Party. His former Vice President currently is holding the proverbial “scepter of power” bestowed upon him at the convention. Yet, the real scepter is more in the hands of Kamala Harris. But, Obama as the puppet master showed up, and his cynical and vitriolic character was on full display last week. So were his attempts at his own version of reality.

In former President Obama’s speech on the 19th, he warned about President Trump, “This administration has shown it will tear our democracy down if that’s what it takes to win.” Such an Alinsky-esque tactic is way too obvious in the basics of accusing the opposition of the crimes oneself has committed. Of course, it is a slow justice system that is narrrowing down the various suspects in the crime of the century against “democracy.”

The audacious and nefarious process of spying on American citizens for political purposes that were initiated at the highest levels of our government to undermine a campaign of an opposition candidate, and then to undermine the outcome of a duly elected president of the United States is a good example of tearing down democracy, in order to win. Only, those efforts originated in the Democrat Deep State while Obama was POTUS. That either makes Obama incompetent or complicit. May justice be restored.

Obama’s warped mentality

Obama may also be found instrumental in utilizing the services of Al Sharpton and other less infamous individuals in instigating the rioting and violence of the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization. While Sharpton seems to have been the link between the Obama White House and the various rioting groups over what appeared as injustice in various racially charged events during the tenure of Obama, it was quite apparent that none of the Democrat support puppets at the convention did not decry the violence, rioting, and murders due to the anarchists, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter terrorists—Neither did Obama.

Instead of condemning the violence and the murders of innocents, Obama has gone on record for praising such young people who are taking to the streets as part of a “Great Awakening” of the youth who are “eager to take on some of the core challenges that have been facing this country for centuries.” So, citizens should see that Obama’s perspectives of reality are not only reflective of his warped mentality, it is being instilled in many of the gullible and naive young people who have not seen Obama for who he really is – a man of tremendous ego, narcissism, who honestly appears to care more about himself and his “legacy” than he does about the lives of the citizens of this country. His words were totally hollow.

Even more lame is that people don’t really know Joe Biden, the man who wants to be POTUS. Sadly, Biden didn’t have any new hollow words; according to the Gateway Pundit, they discovered he merely re-used the same hollow words from 2008.

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