Reflecting on Veteran’s Day and Fighting for Freedom

Reflecting on Veteran’s Day and Fighting for Freedom

By Dennis JamisonNovember 12, 2020

In the wee morning hours between April 18th and 19th in 1775, midnight riders like Paul Revere, Dr. Samuel Prescott, and William Dawes roused Massachusetts men and boys to get out of their beds with an intent to face a deadly enemy. They gathered their powder horns, and muskets, and shot and went out to Lexington Green. There they waited for the dreaded British troops who marched methodically toward Lexington. British colonial governor, Gen. Thomas Gage, had dispatched a contingent of approximately 700 British regulars to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock in Lexington. These troops had marched from Boston and were not only sent to arrest Adams and Hancock, but also to seize a reported cache of gunpowder, ammunition, and weapons near Concord. The rest was history—the Land of the Free was brought into fruition.

In the wee morning hours of November 4th, 2020 loyal American citizens were shocked when ballot-counting was stopped abruptly in several Democrat-run states. The shock that was felt around the nation among millions of law-abiding, tax paying, voters who care about election integrity. This was the first time in American history that such actions had been taken by those who were entrusted by “We the People” to conduct free and fair elections. Democrat governors in those Democrat-controlled states seemed unconcerned about vote fraud because they had authorized massive mail-in ballot distribution in their states due to “COVID fears.” The election procedures in several of these states were suspect from before the election, and the political determination to remove President Trump from office “by all means necessary” seemingly has manifested in a specific criminal political cabal working in concert to violate our nation’s sacred process of allowing the people to have a fair say in who they select to lead them.

What has happened in the election of 2020 is the forward stages of a “civil” coup d’état, with a number of key conspirators. This action has inflamed the patriotic citizens and the people of faith who care about the principles at the core of the nation’s government, and it is only beginning. American citizens are finally awakening to just how serious the coup has become. American citizens are awakening to how serious the threat to our freedom the coup has become. Unfortunately, the age-old truth that the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance, may be lost upon many Americans today as they mistakenly believe in a false notion that freedom should be “free.” In reality, the Founders realized that the people’s freedom had never been free. It was much more black and white in their day, and it is understood by our nation’s veterans who were willing to risk their lives for freedom.

If one reflects upon our nation’s veterans, as we were meant to remember them yesterday in the day designated as a day of remembrance, how is it that the nation remembers those who put on the nation’s uniform? Well, it is likely that the majority of American citizens are grateful to those who are willing to risk their lives defending the freedom of not just American citizens, but to risk their lives defending freedom for others throughout the world. The truth is that America was born when common good people were willing to lay down their lives for the freedom of their children and the future generations. Good, common people were willing to lay down their lives for the freedom of people whom they would never know. This is truly the deep and bloodstained reality of the birth of the Land of the Free.

In 2020, can good, common people go back to sleep? Can good, common people just ignore the fraud, the attempt to steal an election? This would be like ignoring someone attempting to steal someone’s most precious possessions. In 1775, the British were on their way to not only arrest Adams and Hancock, two of the key leaders of the patriots’ resistance to the heavy-handed restrictions of the colonial governors. In 2020, state governors in Democrat-controlled states mandated heavy-handed restrictions that were imposed during the COVID lockdowns. They often ignored law-abiding, tax paying, and good, common people. They showed favoritism to law-breaking, non-taxpayers, who did not demonstrate good or civil intent toward their fellow citizens. These are some of the same governors who seem to be presiding over the election heist in their states.

The courage that the valiant men and boys summoned to stand up against the most powerful military might in the world sparked the American War for Independence. The courage that the men and boys of the Army of the Republic summoned against those fighting to destroy the Land of the Free preserved the United States of America. Those valiant “doughboys” summoned to fight in the filthy trenches across France and later in Belgium during WWI answered President Woodrow Wilson’s declaration that the “world must be safe for democracy…” when he asked Congress to declare war on Germany in 1917. Those who fought for freedom in Europe saw an armistice come due to a quest for peace after four years of deadly fighting all across Europe.

In 2020, Americans can look back upon four years of fighting to eliminate President Trump. The Democrat leadership are showing their true colors and they are clearly the Party of heavy-handedness, of destructive intent toward the Republic, and in the most raw form, the Party of absolute control over the population. Our people, who have been called to defend freedom time and time again, were willing for the most part to stand up and play their part in the times the call went out that such and such a place must be made safe for freedom. Now once again, that place where the people are required to rise up to protect freedom is the U.S.A. It was in the Civil War that freedom itself was on its deathbed, and if freedom had been extinguished in that dark time, our nation may not have become a leader of nations in promoting peace and freedom.

Abraham Lincoln got it right in those desperate days of conflict in the Republic long, long ago. He urged the survivors, the living, “to be dedicated to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain.” It is clear that the fight for freedom in the U.S.A. is far from over. There is much unfinished work if our electoral process has been so flagrantly compromised.

Indeed, this time in our nation’s history may go down as one of the darkest periods the people had to endure, and without the courage of men and women who love this nation,  the history of this nation may turn out very differently than we can imagine. Two months ago, I wrote an article with the question: “Can American Citizens Save the Government of the People?” This is the true question as the outcome of the election is now in the legal battle phase. Ordinary citizens must be supportive of this legal fight in the courts—even in the Supreme Court. And, this battle is the “top down” battle. It must be fought by the professionals in the Trump Administration. But that does not mean that common have to simply sit on the sidelines.

The POTUS has called upon the people of faith to pray for justice to be done in the various state domains. Also, there is a request to sign the petition demanding a “revote” that is underway:

Additionally, just recently President Trump has requested that supporters can email him at White House daily. Citizens can share with him their support via email as his social media accounts are being blocked. “We the People” can tell him we are truly behind him, and that we are praying for him and his family, his cabinet and staff, as well as his legal team, and all those loyally working and assisting him in this time.

Another more active effort is being organized as an organization called Jericho March is organizing Noon marches daily at each State Capitol and every courthouse in every county from now until December 14th, which is the date the Electoral College casts its votes for the U.S. Presidential Election. The Jericho March can be contacted by emailing their staff at:

Finally, our Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg, has set up a page where people can check their voting history and that of their loved ones who may be deceased to detect fraud. It takes less than five minutes.

So, now we have come full circle in our people’s quest for freedom. In 1775, there was no U.S.A. It was the good, common, and courageous people fighting for freedom. What is different in 2020? “We the People” have a history of freedom, and we have a history of good, common and courageous people standing for freedom down through the ages. It is now our time—our turn to fight for freedom. We need to support our president, and to support our electoral system, and to fight for the Republic. We may just keep it after all.

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  1. Howard Self -

    Thanks, Dennis…for your clear and decisive commentary and all of the various efforts being made by the Network. May God bless your efforts and may God bless America!

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