Reflections on the Attack upon Pearl Harbor and Current Attacks on America

Reflections on the Attack upon Pearl Harbor and Current Attacks on America

By Dennis JamisonDecember 7, 2020

On December 7, American citizens remembered the “Day of Infamy” as the attack in December of 1941 that shocked America and the world. The bombing of the United States’ naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was an incredibly dark day in the history of the United States. Such a sneak attack perpetrated by the Japanese Imperial government against the U.S. is recognized as one of the most successful surprise attacks in military history. Japan’s extremely belligerent, empire-building government had attacked the U.S. stronghold on the westernmost frontier, and it turned into a tragedy with the successful killing of over 2,400 men and boys and the crippling of U.S. Navy vessels that were specifically targeted for destruction.

Although this day is considered a day of remembrance of this tragedy, Americans should continue to take time to remember the attack on Pearl Harbor, not to evoke hatred or ill-will toward the Japanese people, but remembrance should stimulate Americans to develop a more substantial understanding of its root cause. Remembrance of this insidious attack, especially in light of current events within the nation, as well as world tensions and international events, should illuminate the reality that unrestrained government power was the original cause of such an attack. It is critical to maintain a clear historical perspective on this atrocity, especially within the perspective of current atrocities within the United States.

While many Americans are familiar with some of the history of the day of the attack, many more are not familiar with the U.S. history related to this event. American records indicate that on a calm Sunday morning on December 7th in 1941, beginning at 7:55 a.m., bombs and torpedoes began to fall and explode, destroying military targets on Oahu. One eyewitness, whom I had the opportunity to interview a number of years ago, explained that initially people thought that it was a drill—some military exercise to test preparedness. But, as it became more clear, despite the fires and pervasive smoke, the base was under attack. Attacks ceased shortly before 10:00 a.m., and the dead and wounded were strewn everywhere as the dark smoke from destroyed machinery, vessels and other wreckage billowed into the December sky.

Over 2,400 Americans had been killed in the attack. 1,178 military personnel and civilians had been wounded, 188 aircraft had been destroyed with an additional 159 more aircraft damaged, and approximately 20 ships were either completely sunk or severely damaged. By the time President Roosevelt addressed Congress on December 8, 1941, the Empire of Japan “had undertaken a surprise offensive extending throughout the Pacific area.” F.D.R.’s report to Congress revealed that he was aware that the Japanese Imperial government had launched simultaneous attacks against Hong Kong, the Philippine Islands, Malaya, Guam, Wake Island, and Midway.

Americans learned that Japan’s empire-building government had attacked the U.S. stronghold in order to keep the only nation that could stop it out of its way. The bold act of terror was meant to cripple the Pacific Fleet as well as to foment fear in the American public. This attack was also a powerful demonstration of Japan’s military might. U.S. citizens and people around the world found such a devastating attack hard to believe, and Americans had to grapple with their grief over the sudden massive loss of human life and violent destruction.

On September 11, 2001, American citizens witnessed another “Day of Infamy” as the attack on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon shocked America and the world. The horrible and deadly acts of terrorism upon U.S. soil was another incredibly dark day in our history. Such a sneak attack perpetrated by Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda was directed against civilian, as well as military targets. The attacks are also recorded in history as the most successful surprise attack against America. Al-Qaeda’s terrorists weaponized commercial airliners against multiple targets that included innocent civilians fr

Unfortunately, the combined terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, led to the murders of over 2,977 people and the injuring of 6,000 others—people from over 90 nations died in the attacks. In the days following 9/11, America changed dramatically. The events of that day left permanent scars. We speak of post-9/11 as it has become a demarcation line between the “old” America and America we live in today. The attacks on the Twin Towers, at the Pentagon, and the now hallowed field in Pennsylvania, were upon the nation, the people, and the American way of life.

September 11 is now known as Patriot Day for those who were thrust into the roles of heroes—especially the first responders like the firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical responders. It is proper for Americans to continue to remember the attack on Pearl Harbor, not to evoke hatred or ill-will toward Muslims, but remembrance of this attack should also stimulate Americans to develop a more substantial understanding of its root cause. Remembrance of this insidious attack should illuminate that such attacks resulted from unrestrained hatred and very well-planned terrorism. It is critical to maintain this clear historical perspective of such atrocities, especially within the scope of current events.

Today in 2020, it is critical to understand these two deadly attacks in light of current internal attacks against the nation. Unrestrained hatred and well-planned terrorism led to attacks on 9/11, and unrestrained government-based power was the cause of the attack upon Pearl Harbor. With such background illumination, there is now another multi-staged insidious attack underway from both foreign and domestic enemies upon the United States of America, the people, and the American way of life.

Is it possible that the current turmoil in the nation is not simply politics as usual as the MSM moguls would like citizens to believe? And, why is the MSM not reporting the widespread fraud and corruption being revealed across the nation? Why is there an effort on the part of the social media moguls to stifle free speech and free expression? Why are politicians seemingly not too interested in the suppression of free speech? Is it possible that the current fear of the COVID “pandemic” is still fomented by the MSM and governors with their anti-Constitutional draconian mandates to limit people’s freedoms by ignoring their rights under the nation’s Bill of Rights? Why are freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly being limited in such ways that Americans have not witnessed on this continent since the days of British tyranny?

As the truth penetrates the shadows, the critical question that needs to be addressed is whether America is fighting a “civil” Civil War, and at the same time being insidiously attacked by its most formidable international enemy. There are too many other questions that stem from such inquiry, but true citizens, who love the Republic, need to discern whose side “American” politicos are on. A “measuring stick” is needed to be applied to all of the recent events for a clearer discernment of the clear and present danger to our nation. Genuine support and application of the bedrock principles of freedom should be how citizens can measure who is for us and who is against “We the People.”

If we are at war, we definitely need to know who our enemies are. Right now, it is apparent that those behind stealing the election of the POTUS from the American are traitors to the Republic and not only investigations of the fraud need to continue, investigations of specific individuals at the core of such behavior need to begin. This is not really about Democrat vs. Republican, and it is not “politics as usual.” Such investigations would likely be bipartisan as Democrats have proven over the last four years that they love spending taxpayer dollars on investigating foreign interference in U.S. elections.

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