Religious or Spiritual Values Drive Government Behaviors

Religious or Spiritual Values Drive Government Behaviors

By Pastor Earl Wallace

In 2012 in KL Malaysia a jihadist took me to lunch and dinner twice, saying, “You people (meaning Americans) are doomed, because you do not know how to defend your culture.” He explained how every freedom will be used against us. He had me research what they were doing and have done in Europe, and explained how it is going to happen here.

I left those meetings and started researching what formed American culture in the first place.    For if we do not know how it started, we can flail away at the problem, but never get back to the solution. As God kept opening ways for me travel overseas and actually meet and interact with business and government leaders, who represented all faiths I could see the difference in the outcomes they produce in societies. People do not act randomly, but act on values. Values drive behaviors.

Most people derive their values from religion, and because religion is what is most important to people, they and their societies and culture are organized around a response to the core or dominant religion.

Socialism and communism and fascism are reflections of religions. While it is obvious to see   that the religion is one that makes government god. What is less obvious to see is that those countries founded upon such ideologies use or sponsor a version of either Islam, Catholicism and a few offshoots of them that actually have a dictator-like leader, one man at the top, who controls heaven and hell, and ultimately all earthly affairs that determine where one goes when people die.

The central administration of the religion allows for its devotees to systematically infiltrate the governments of all spiritually dull and biblically illiterate peoples and nations, to use their educational and government systems to actually promote and enforce the religion upon the unsuspecting non-Bible reading people’s.

Notice how all political leaders throughput the world go through the Vatican and visit it? If there is true “separation of church and state,” then why is a Cathedral in Washington DC called “The National Cathedral?”

Search the lying news caster’s and politician’s name from any party, and see what religion they prefer. Search the religion of the Supreme Court members, and find they all belong to the same ones and their offshoots. Each are non-Bible based, so they will not vote to obey the sixth Commandment of the Ten Commandments and stop abortion. God told us in Commandment Six, “Thou shalt not murder,” which is another way of saying all citizens have the right not to be murdered. Those in government today seem to have “religion” but no submission to Jesus Christ as He reveals Himself through His Word.

Do we think it is a coincidence that many of the educational and political elite identify themselves as Catholics, who make no outcry over priests raping little boys, nor decry now our schools are promoting homosexuality? They also will do next-to-nothing to stop people from Catholic nations of Mexico and those of Central and South America from bum-rushing our southern border.

America was founded upon values I describe as The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights (view here to learn the meaning: God blessed and supported America’s Bible-believing founders to understand how God’s Bible applies to civics. God wants government to treat people according to the principles of the Ten Commandments.

God can help us restore our freedoms, like He helped America’s Founders. But He only will do so on His terms that He’s laid out in Scripture.

To achieve that end, God motivated us to start Liberty Christian Fellowship Church. To get the freedoms to live out the unalienable rights our Creator gives us, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, we have to submit and go all in with Christ. We started Liberty Christian Fellowship to be a church that does not ignore the problems we face in America today.

The God of the Bible has standards to meet if we want to live life His way.

Yet, our enemies are willing to be soldiers who travel across vast continents to do the will of their religious handlers to violate The Bible against us, and steal the rights and benefits of citizenship. They are all in, highly committed, only to be deceived and to go to a Christless eternity after a lifetime of hurt, frustration and sin, which they inflict upon themselves and others!

By contrast, the amazing benefits of coming to Christ in repentance and getting in right relationship with the God of the Bible are salvation, forgiveness and a cleansing repentance, which makes us clean before Him, which gives us a sense of wholeness.

To bring us salvation, Christ had to withstand and overcome well established political and religious odds. He motivated “Pro-Testament” people to withstand persecution and burning at the stake to translate the Bible from Hebrew, Greek and Latin, which motivated people to want to live God’s way, which included applying the Bible to civics. This is what caused pilgrims to come to America.

Other religions have come and have evangelized here, and have used and abused freedoms the government protects to infiltrate and suppress the knowledge of the Bible in our schools and political and judicial systems. People of various faiths often work to spread what they believe, but it can work to unknowingly destroy what attracted them to America. But, their handlers or leaders know exactly what their useful idiocy is being used to accomplish!

I believe our beloved United States of America is running on the last vapors of the Bible-based life that God breathed into US (pun intended) and that He still honors! Our only hope is that He blesses us with the ability to acknowledge Him, and honor how He helped found America.

Uniquely being blessed to operate in God’s wisdom, Thomas Jefferson’s brilliance, and that     of the rest of the signers of The Declaration of Independence, proclaim in such a cornerstone document, that we have “inalienable rights” that are “endowed” to us by our “Creator!” Further,

America’s Founders constructed The Bill of Rights to compel government to treat “We the People” according to the Ten Commandments. In fact, the U.S. Bill of Rights are so biblically aligned that government cannot violate one of them without also violating at least one of the Ten Commandments and vice versa!  Since the Ten Commandments express the way God wants us to live, both individually and collectively in a civil society, when government violates one of the Bill of Rights it breaks at least one of the Ten Commandments, and violates the way God wants us to live!

To fully understand the original intent of America’s Founding Documents, specifically The Declaration of Independence and the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which begins with “freedom of religion,” (the latter of which will be unpacked in a future article) they must be read as theological statements of faith that applies to civics!

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