Revealing the Moral Bankruptcy of BLM

Revealing the Moral Bankruptcy of BLM

By Dennis Jamison —-July 21, 2020

The blatant violence in a majority of cities in the United States in the wake of the murder of George Floyd was supposed to be the moral foundation for protesting the wrongful murder of George Floyd. But, this is an illusion. A horrible illusion. If all Black Lives Matter, where are the serious nationwide protests over the 20 million+ black babies that have been killed since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision? There is no one in the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization that has even uttered any credible concern over the genocide of aborting black babies. Likely, they would not because both Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood are funded heavily by George Soros, and even an evil house divided cannot stand. But, this is an absolutely blatant hypocrisy and it demonstrates zero moral integrity.

If all black lives do not matter to Black Lives Matter members and supporters (yes supporters, as in those corporations that donate to BLM) then the name is as fake as the cause. It is quite possible to justify a lie by stating that the opposition to your cause is “conservative,” or “white hate speech,” or “corrupt white privilege advocates,” or “Nazis,” or whatever the buzz words may be that are designed to initiate an emotional distrust, or outright hatred of the “opposition.” It is not actually a justification of the lie, but rather a justification for lying by marginalizing one’s opponents—clever communist tactic. If all black lives, or all lives do truly matter, why leave anyone out? If all black lives do not matter to Black Lives Matter members, the name is as   fake as the “cause.”

Additionally, at the beginning of this month, the nation celebrated the Independence Day holiday, but there was a killing spree of young people, black and white, over that weekend because in many cities across the nation, the police had their hands tied by their autocratic Democrat Overlords. Where were the serious widespread protests over the 10 innocents who lost their lives then? Will four year old Carson Walker be remembered? He was four years old! The suspect in the shooting on July 4th is a young black man. Because a black baby lost his life, it does not matter. Because the alleged shooter was black? The silence from BLM is overwhelming!

Who went to the BLM protest over the killing of six-year-old Jace Young of San Francisco, California? No one went to such a protest because there was none. That did not fit into the narrative that Black Lives Matter when a black man happens to be killed by a white police officer. There is no moral consistency here. Jace Young was six! He was shot in an act of senseless violence while watching a fireworks display in a Bayview neighborhood. Local   media carried the story and quoted his dad, Jason Young, in an interview after the killing: “Y’all don’t understand how hard it is in this city, how hard it is in these Black communities to have to get up and have to pick one of your loved ones up and pick your families up after this stuff happens to your family…

“This ain’t right,” he said. “My son was different. My son was different. He was going to be somebody.”

According to his aunt Ayofemi Bryant, “He was the most perfect child. He was so sweet. He loved to read. He loved computers. He just loved learning.”

Of course, the lame mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, took the opportunity to speak of the incident and had the audacity to mention BLM during the efforts the family made to seek justice over the death of their innocent little boy. Breed questioned: “Where is the outrage? If this boy was not Black, it would’ve been a whole other story. Let’s remember that when we talk about Black Lives Matter, this boy’s life mattered,”  .
Indeed, where was the outrage expressed from representatives of BLM at this public forum? There was no representative, no chants, no marches, no violence on Jace Young’s behalf.

Yet, Mayor Breed became dramatic at the event: “No more funerals, no more death, no more destruction in the Black community. We have a chance to do something different.”

Yet, the “doing something different” is the BLM answer: defund the police. And, recently in mid-July, Mayor London Breed has called for partially defunding the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) and reinvesting the money back into San Francisco’s Black community. She intends to replace SFPD officers with unarmed trained “professionals.” Insanity runs like a virus through the Democrat Party. It is unlikely masks will help. This is another demonstration of a genuine absence of morality when politics devolves into a blind mantra devoid of good common sense.

How many thousands attended the BLM protests for seven-year—old Natalie Wallace, who was fatally shot in the head on July 4th? The answer is that BLM members have probably no idea   of who this little girl was—nor does it matter to them. She was not killed by a white policeman. She was another innocent victim of a senseless shooting in Chicago over the July 4th weekend. The reports were that Natalie was simply standing on the sidewalk outside her grandmother’s home when the murder suspects got out of a car and just started shooting.

Where’s the moral outrage over this senseless murder? Yet, defunding the police is the answer from the BLM terrorist gangs.

Another damning horror story involving BLM and their intolerance of those who question their mantra or their morality is the incident in which a 24-year-old mother of a young child was shot in the head on July 5th in Indiana. Jessica Doty Whitaker was shot dead in Indianapolis simply because she had the audacity to stand up to BLM supporters and claim that “all lives matter.” So, where was the outrage from the white community? Where were the marches? Where were the protestors in Indianapolis, or in any cities across America because of such a senseless murder? No White Lives Matter movement? No. Conservatives and Christians don’t rampage through city streets, destroying other people’s property, or tearing down statues of Malcom X,  or killing people senselessly.

Americans are being bullied – Americans of all skin colors are being intimidated by BLM bullies. They will get in your face, they will get nasty and insult you, they will harass you, they will march and protest, but not peacefully, they will permit the anarchists and the looters to run wild through the city streets. They will allow, will inspire, or will perpetrate indiscriminate violence, no matter who gets in their way. This is immoral, no matter what lame excuse or defense can be offered to protect them. BLM is simply a name. BLM portrays itself as one thing, but they are entirely not what they portray themselves to be – even defenders of Black lives would be worth it. But, their leaders do not demonstrate that all Black lives matter. It is a fake name and a fake cause.

The real radical was Jessica Doty Whitaker. Whitaker had the audacity to exercise her God- given freedom of speech. In a highly symbolic act, she gave her life to reveal the rest of us the genuine moral bankruptcy of BLM. She is a true martyr in the fight to hold onto our God-given freedoms.  Jessica Whitaker was absolutely right. All lives matter – always!

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