Reviving the Spirit of D-Day!

Reviving the Spirit of D-Day!

By Dennis Jamison 6/4/2019

Those brave American boys and men who gave their lives on June 6, 1944 should never be forgotten. Those of the “greatest generation” who served their country in World War II, should    be remembered for sacrificing their lives that Freedom could survive. They gave their lives that people under the tyrannical grip of Nazi military might could be liberated. Yet today, although the world is very, very different than it was so long ago, it seems all too clear that Freedom is ever threatened. Yet, the people of the world must hope that all those heroes who lost their lives in   the most horrible global war in history shall not have died in vain. The people of the world must hope that the United States of America that offered her heroes in the battle between tyranny and freedom must still carry the torch of Freedom for the world.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world, with its growing generations of youth, have not really passed on the understanding of the value of such a huge price to pay to protect Freedom for all humanity. And the rest of the world does not now realize that the nation that was able to end the horrible war that threatened to subject the world to global tyranny is threatened from within. The U.S. has been attacked by individuals who have no real regard for Freedom or civil rights endowed to humanity from the Creator. And, this is not simply a reference to the international Islamist terrorists. Citizens in America are only waking up to the reality that their nation has been under attack from its birth.

Yet, in recent years, more American citizens have discovered that their nation has been become weak due to purposeful divisiveness on many fronts. Americans, however, are challenged by the political divisiveness primarily through the mainstream media, which has essentially become an outright propaganda organ for the “Democratic” Party, which is the source of much of the divisive tactics. “Divide and conquer” is a strategy that has always worked to conquer nations in previous history. Citizens within the nation are awakening to the reality that a greater enemy than Hitler is attempting to occupy the nation. This enemy is practically invisible as it has blended into the very fabric of the nation.

The 2016 Presidential election has become a turning point in American history because an enemy opposing the will of the people was exposed, and is continuing to be exposed. That is why William Barr’s efforts to begin investigations into the Deep State’s machinations within the U.S. federal government is so very important. Barr stands on the side of the law. The enemy is making serious efforts to appear on the side of the law. However, appearance is not always reality. The insidious attempt by one political party to destroy free elections in the United States is just one effort of their attempts to control “We the People.” However, complicit Republicans are not without such goals.

When Dr. Ben Carson ran as a presidential candidate, it was obvious that the GOP handlers had serious intent to control the good doctor. It was Carson who warned the people that it is not the Democrats vs. the Republicans; it was elitist government manipulators (control freaks) vs. “We the People.”

The global criminal cabal that uses the “Democratic” and Republican Parties to accomplish their objectives is subtle in some battles and blatantly obvious in others. Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 symbolized the greatest single threat to this criminal cabal that they have ever faced. This is why some of the leaders had to come out of the closet to attack Donald Trump. It is why the Deep State operatives sought so furtively to defeat and then to defame him. This is why the mainstream media is in lock step harmony to ignore or undermine his efforts to “Make America Great Again.” Trump and Carson refused to be controlled by Party operatives. It is truly amazing that the 2016 election brought millions of American citizens to realize what had happened to their country. It was no longer a nation whose “leaders” valued Freedom.

The Hillary Clinton campaign literally stole the “Democratic” Primary from Bernie Sanders in 2016. The “Democratic” National Committee orchestrated a Clinton “victory.” Bernie Sanders’ supporters did not witness a democratic process in 2016. The lawsuit Sanders’ supporters filed against the DNC was about as effective as Sanders’ campaign, as it ran into a tyrannical brick wall. Then, the DNC on behalf of the Clinton campaign went on to hire a British spy to manufacture dirt on Trump. At the same time Obama’s FBI operatives were in collusion with the Clinton campaign to create enough confusion or reasonable doubt about Donald Trump that the American citizens would be turned off against him. The effort backfired.

The collusion with the Russians witch hunt ended in a big nothing burger with egg on the faces of the conspirators of the Deep State. Yet they argue with straight faces that Trump is the bad guy. “We the People” may not have had a complete picture of all that has been going on before in the federal government and the two major political parties, but now with these high profile political battles of recent months, common sense leads people to connect the dots: America has been occupied by a network of enemies of Freedom. It is truly somewhat comparable to the occupied nation of France during the horrors of World War II. Americans have subtly been subdued by an insidious enemy from within. This enemy is not aligned with the principles of Freedom that were so boldly proclaimed at the founding.

A young Abraham Lincoln, before he was even 30 years old, prophesied about this time:

Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step the ocean and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest, with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer. If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.    

This day is the time of this challenge from those who would betray the ideals, principles, and the values that established the United States of America. The nation has become infested with those who care little for Freedom. Another D-Day needs to be launched. But from what shores will a liberating army come? Without a free America, there would remain no other territory from which our nation, like France in 1944 by an invasion from England, could be liberated. From where will such liberation originate?

Patriots must remember that before a Free America existed, it was occupied by the mightiest military power on the planet – Great Britain! The original liberation came from within. The bold and brilliant men who led the people arose in that time to attain independence. Today, the liberation is also coming from brave and sensible patriots from within the nation. Men and women of common sense need to take responsibility to catch the spirit of D-Day! “We the People” need to be smart, to be sincere, and absolutely dedicated to victory over the enemy of Freedom that has occupied our nation. The Trump Administration can only do so much in this battle. Even his administration is under siege. It is also the task of the people to reaffirm that those who died in the shores of Normandy “shall not have died in vain.” And, that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

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