Rid Us of Evil

Rid Us of Evil

By Michael J. Lewinski 03/26/20

The revolutionary war hero, Thomas Paine, once observed, “I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.” He was a person made for our troubled times. A fellow who would competently deal with the Progressive fools threatening our way of life.

Can you imagine how Thomas Paine would deal with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and her Green New Deal? He would size her up and conclude she is no different than China’s Gen. Secretary Xi Jinping – the man who brought the CCP virus [Chinese Communist Party’s virus] which plagues the world today.

Like Xi Jinping, AOC lies, makes outrageous claims and endangers others. Just as the United States of America is going to shun and shame China, American citizens should do likewise to her and her comrades in government. Just as the people of China should rid themselves of the Chinese Communist Party, the people of America should rid themselves of their Progressive scourge.

Thomas Paine would surely approve of getting rid of the evil which is infecting America through a vote in this election year. Unfortunately, China’s people don’t have this option, which is another reason for getting AOC and her ilk out of office.

There are candidates in this year’s election who embody the qualities Thomas Paine enunciated. People with Christian, and/or Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, and Moderate values and principles.

We, as a people, must fall on our knees, and implore God to rid us of these evil people, and deliver unto us righteous people like Thomas Paine identified. Just as we have to implore Him to rid us of this evil CCP virus.

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