Saving the Republic

Saving the Republic

By Bonnie M. Parsley

Eric Metaxas has written a wonderful little book titled, If You Can Keep It. The title comes from a statement made by Ben Franklin as he left the Constitutional Convention. A woman asked, “Well, Doctor, what have you given us, a republic or a monarchy?” He shot back, “A republic, madame, if you can keep it.” With this statement, Ben Franklin was charging all of us to keep the republic that had been established by the written Constitution.

We must ask ourselves: How we are doing? Actually, I’ve never been so worried about the future of our republic than I am now. We are seeing a move away from the three pillars that Metaxas said supported our democratic republic. He calls these supports virtue, faith and freedom. Americans at the beginning of the nation and for 185 years were believers in God and the biblical rules that governed human behavior. This belief led to a virtuous people who would maintain the republic. I might add another pillar that is essential to save our republic. That is education. Education in the truth of our founding and the great idea of liberty and self-government that they prescribed must be instilled in every generation.

Then sometime during the ‘60s, we began moving away from the ideals that preserved the vision of a free nation under God. The idea of secularism became popular. They distorted the idea of freedom that gave them license to do whatever felt good at the time. They no longer felt the need to live by the rules. They rebelled and our culture mutated to one our founders would not recognize. Now, we are in an ideological battle that will decide the future of the country. Will we again value our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law, or will we succumb to the lies and manipulations of the Democrats?

The Democrats in Congress seem determined to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency and they are pulling the country apart in this attempt. If they succeed in bringing down a duly elected president, they will be responsible for the destruction of our republic. The only way we will save our nation is for citizens to get involved. We the people are responsible to educate ourselves and educate our children. We cannot rely on public schools to teach the principles in our Constitution. Our children are not learning true history. They are being taught a negative view of America and are not given a balanced view. Students must learn to value the freedoms that have been affirmed in our Constitution.

How can a child go all the way from grade school through high school and not be able to name the five freedoms in the first amendment? How can young people today support abolishing the electoral college and not understand the reason it was put into the Constitution? If we fail to instill an appreciation for the unique founding of the country and the genius of the founders in designing a government of the people, by the people and for the people, our republic will not survive. We must teach our children how American freedom was won with great sacrifice. 

Each generation must learn this history, develop this understanding and pass it on to future generations. We must help our children understand that although we have things in our past, such as slavery and racism, that we, as a nation, have overcome those evils. Democrats attempt to resurrect these stains on our past and tar Republicans with them. This is just wrong. If young people have been taught the true history of America, they will not fall for political lies that seek to control their minds.

It is the job of parents and teachers to help children develop critical thinking. The sad fact is that too many schools today are teaching children what they must believe not how to research the truth. It is frightening that students are coming out of our educational institutions with socialist ideas that are anti-freedom, and anti-American. I advise parents to read their child’s American history book. I read the eleventh-grade American history book being used in California schools and found it extremely biased with liberal ideology. You can counteract the information in your child’s textbook, but you will have to take the time to find out what is in the book. Also, teachers are using supplemental materials that may be nothing more than indoctrination pamphlets.  

Americans, for the most part, are very busy people. Working a full-time job and caring for a family takes much of their attention. However, for our republic to survive, we cannot just get involved at election time. We cannot turn everything over to elected officials. We must revive the idea that we are good and virtuous people. In the end it is up to us to save our republic. If we will take the time to be informed and then help our children to become freedom-loving, responsible citizens, we will have nothing to fear. Our republic will remain strong as long as each generation accepts Ben Franklin’s charge to keep the republic.

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  1. Kathleen Hall -

    So true; education has been lost to the control of Left. Asleep at the wheel, busy, distracted, focusing on family needs, complacent in our comfort and relative safety as Americans,
    we were not taking Ben Franklin’s words of warning to heart, as a permanent reality, as the duty and responsibility of each of us, it is. Did it have to come to this to arouse us, maybe so. In addition to a massive grass roots movement to replace our RINO Republicans, we need one of parents to take back our schools. Eric Metaxas’ speech at the Values Voters Summit, was amazing. I’m sure his book is too.

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