Secretary Ben Carson Battles with AFFH

Secretary Ben Carson Battles with AFFH

By: Tom DeWeese

HUD Secretary Carson is trying to take strong action to roll back one of the federal government’s worst destroyers of private property. It’s the Obama program called Affirmatively Affirming Fair Housing Act (AFFH); it is a direct attack on homeowners. Leftist supporters of this policy claim that it’s unfair for you to own home unless everyone can have the same. They say it’s racist to deny someone an equal home, just because they don’t have the money for it. Carson knows this is socialist insanity and he is trying to get rid of it, but the left is doing all it can to stop him, including filing a lawsuit to force him to keep AFFH in force. They claim the rollback of the rule creates segregation and discrimination.

They charge that Carson’s efforts to fix the AFFH problem is nothing but “Conservative Orthodoxy.” Sec. Carson does want to minimize regulatory burden.

Obama created the AFFH rule to enforce what is known as the “Livability Principles.” These are federal guidelines for communities to destroy existing neighborhoods by enforcing the creation of the stack ‘em and back ‘em Smart Growth high rises. It’s all fueled by the HUD grants. Instead, Sec. Carson wants to focus on “positive results” rather than analysis of community characteristics.

The AFFH rules force communities to do an “Assessment of Fair Housing” which lists 40 “Contributing Factors” for “unfair” housing issues.

If you have saved your money, is it unfair for you to own this home?  That’s what AFFH says!  Secretary Carson is fighting this.

HUD demands that each community must create a plan that removes contributing factors. And the communities have to do a new assessment every five years! And most cities aren’t even able to comply! That’s why some cities actually have to advertise for more low-income people to move to the city to be in compliance! Sec. Carson wants to allow greater local control and innovation.

We, the American people, are not each other’s enemies. The enemies are those people behind the curtain jerking everybody’s chain and trying to divide us up by age, by race, by income.” Dr. Ben Carson, HUD Secretary If a community fails to comply to AFFH rules (which have no definition) then HUD files a lawsuit and HUD agents basically rule the city. Instead, Sec. Carson wants to increase housing choice, including a greater supply of housing.

Page One of the results of HUD lawsuits is that landlords are no longer allowed to ask potential renters if they can afford to pay the rent. This results in fewer landlords and fewer housing choices. Ben Carson has correctly charged that Obama’s AFFH tyranny is nothing but social engineering.

If you have saved your money, is it unfair for you to own this home? That’s what AFFH says! Secretary Carson is fighting this.

AFFH rules are tearing down low-income neighborhoods and forcing the local residents into federal housing and welfare programs.

Now the same leftist groups that are supporting AFFH rules are charging that federal housing causes ghettos and that’s racist! None of this has anything to do with “fair housing” or making lives better. It is the destruction of lives and what used to be called the American dream! The poor become trapped in federal welfare and the middle class become poorer.

As Dr. Carson says, it is a scheme to divide us by age, race, and income. He is trying to do the right thing in rolling back this terrible Obama scheme.

But he is absolutely under siege from leftist organizations that make their money from the AFFH policy.

The American Policy Center (APC) has worked for more than three years to get rid of AFFH. We have raised a strong voice of opposition. It appears that we have been heard and as Secretary Carson has taken steps to reign in AFFH.

Now, here is the direct action you can take to help Sec. Carson begin to fix this mess. He has offered his goals to reform AFFH (as I listed above). Now he has opened up a comment period for the public to address his changes.

So, here is our opportunity to create a flood of comments ourselves.

Please write to Tom DeWeese, President of American Policy Center, 53 Main Street, Box 3640, Warrenton, VA 20188-3640. Then your voice will be heard!

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