Serving the Peoples’ Interest

Serving the Peoples’ Interest

By Michael J. Lewinski  05/17/20

The campaign against the Mid-States Corridors project is an example of the damage Progressives inflict on local communities. Andy Horning who has been a Congressional candidate previously.  He pointed to his concern that government has been increasingly encroaching on individual rights as he was attending a rally in Indy to protest Governor Holcomb’s lock down order. 

“No one person in America should have this much power,” he said. “I believe such decisions should be left up to representatives who would more closely reflect the will of their constituents. With all the concern that has been expressed, the importance of our elected officials is critical. They must say no to this project that is destroying lives, dreams and our community.

The need for stronger connectivity in southern Indiana has been discussed for many years. This has been brewing for a long time. It is being driven by business interests. Among them are Trucking, tourist promoting institutions and the people building the infrastructure among others. The pressure they bring to bear are tremendous.

This is why Horning’s advice about local officials is so important. Every politician that has a say so in this decisions needs to be held accountable. Many of them are up for election this year. They need to hear from you. You need to determine if they are going to side with business interests, or the interests of those people they serve.

You also have to determine how your elected representatives come down on this issue. While they may not have much say so on the votes of your politicians, they are powerful influences that can have a real impact on how this vote is decided.

I have discussed before how Conservative politicians put the people’s interest first. Among them were Senator Mike Braun. He sees serving the people and legislating for their interests is an important principle for him. Call him and ask if he will support his trucking interests, or the interests of his constituents.

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