Shut it down with thanks – Biden administration mantra to kill the economy

Shut it down with thanks – Biden administration mantra to kill the economy

By A. Dru KristenevNovember 22, 2021

Lack is plenty, emptiness is fullness, bad is good.

The ‘less is more’ narrative coming out of the White House is expected to groom Americans to believe that returning to the dark ages is a giant step forward for Mankind – pardon, “humanity,” because they strive to address the animal nature of Man, the “hu” in humanity. This White House peddles fear to induce obedience, preying on emotions by seeding distrust of logic since logic undermines its and Congress’ agenda to bring us to our knees.

White House peddles fear to induce obedience

Thanksgiving is upon us this week where families will be paying 14% more for their feasts1, the highest ever. The Biden administration is using its podium to set-up the American people to believe that we should be grateful for the empty shelves, the highest prices of gas and groceries in 40 years and their planned disruption of heat and energy that will destroy lives and homes like Texas’ February freeze that was engineered by Biden’s Department of Energy. And, by the way, could have been easily ignored by the governor whose loyalty was to his constituents, not a regulatory agency.

The reconciliation budget bill is all about shutting down the United States’ economy via fear, writing into it enforcement of a 50% reduction of carbon emissions by 2030. Closing every avenue to achieve prosperity (a dirty word to the “progressives”) is the ultimate goal of the Biden administration because prosperity means independence – the other dirty word. Applying economic pressure to make citizens comply via unfounded health concerns is one side of the double-prong attack on individual liberty. Fear at work.

Misrepresenting the initial $3.5 (essentially $5T) Trillion budget as a streamlined $1.8 Trillion bill, democrats in Congress are elated to “transform” America into a third world nation. And they are well on their way with the initial $1.5 Infrastructure bill that the non-opposition party supported. It is to be wondered what the traitorous members of Congress expect to reap from their support of anti-constitutional laws, rendering them illegitimate from the outset.

Flipping economy boosting policies implemented under the previous administration, Biden is adding insult to injury by closing off more pipelines and natural resources (denying access to Alaska’s forests, again) necessary to get America back on its feet.

The transformation begins with “ruining” the American people. That’s a term that comes from Scientology where the concept is to strip the individual of all their values, hope and faith in order to rebuild them in the image of the ideology. Communism works the same way, especially when it comes to religious beliefs. Relying on the partial quote of Karl Marx that religion is the opiate of the people, it is to the benefit of oppressors to destroy individuals’ faith in God and replace it with reliance on government.

Today, as a repetition of history, there is an attempt to reconceive science as a religion of its own, calling it ‘climate change.’ In fact, any invented enemy would do to funnel people toward abandoning their beliefs in a spiritual being, driving them to accept a nonexistent entity in its place.

In this case, the entity that dictates action is a contrived power of Man over weather. The “ruining” is perpetuating the lie that we are destroying the environment by breathing; that people must self-destruct and relinquish hope of life that the oxygen which heals and strengthens us also creates the contaminant poisoning our world. An oxymoron in all its glory since CO2 is necessary for all life to thrive on this planet.

Indoctrination by “ruining” is a fatal twist on the salvation God offers. Stripping the spiritual to rely on the natural is the exact opposite of realizing human brokenness that allows individuals to change their lives by receiving the hope of God. “Ruining” brings a person to hopelessness that oppressors fill with empty promises of carnal fulfillment. Brokenness brings a person to understand the incompleteness of existence without God’s Influence to guide and fill their lives.

Marching orders for the Biden administration, in corrupt collusion with Congress and too many state governments, is to devalue all that has been accomplished by a God-incepted social order that is outlined in the Constitution, and replace it with misery masquerading as the road to redefined prosperity. The Infrastructure Bill and BBB Budget are the means to an undignified, immoral demise of a God-inspired government, enslaving the People who constituted it.

Elected representatives – however they reached their position – abrogated their oaths of office to protect the Constitution if they, in any way, have allowed laws to be enacted that restrict, confine and oppress Americans. It is not their job to shut down the economy and destroy the nation by perpetuating a fiction, regardless of what the rest of the world does or believes.

The United States was established by a different order and is not subject to a new one that is, truth be told, the oldest one in the Book.

1. If you check the Farm Bureau costs of the menu items you’ll note that some, like heavy whipping cream, fresh vegetables and other miscellaneous ingredients, may be nearly twice the amount FB listed to purchase at your neighborhood store.

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