Silicon Kristallnacht

Silicon Kristallnacht

By A. Dru KristenevJanuary 10, 2021

Silicon oligarchs shattered business ‘windows’ January 8, 2021 muzzling independent voices in a virtual reprise of the Brownshirt demolition of commercial enterprise owned by Jews, November 8-9, 1938 in Germany.

Tandem efforts of Big Tech and authoritarian office holders, supported by mainstream media mantra, have scapegoated everyday Americans for the corruption they, the liberal activists in and out of government, have created.

That ‘corruption’ is institutionalizing a ban on individuals to speak their mind, assemble peaceably and, critically, cast an unsullied ballot. Setting up a narrative that President Trump “incited” a violent incursion of the Capitol Building, January 6, by editing and editorializing his words, the media and government cronies are building a false basis to attempt to remove the president from office, again.

Violence, the physical that provided a footing for the virtual, launched by socialist activists and media-driven mobs that destroyed cities all during 2020, are being absolved of their crimes by falsely attaching similar transgressions to hundreds of thousands in D.C., who peacefully demonstrated their First Amendment rights.

Is it a “A Christian Insurrection”? Hardly. The insurrectionists are the anarchists burning cities and forests who continue to terrorize the citizenry and infiltrate the peaceful protests like that at the Capitol.

Continue the oppression and then will this nation see faithful Christians take a strong stand against the lawless targeting, discrimination, fining and jailing of individuals expressing their freedom of speech and religion. Christians that live in fear of wrongful government authority will not be among them. They will continue to berate other believers who refuse to be buffaloed, and will cower to the point of going back to online preaching which will itself be deplatformed by Facebook, Google and YouTube. All the while, believers who follow the practice of Peter and John in the Book of Acts will continue to proclaim their faith, notwithstanding persecution from social media, government agencies and even their cowed brethren.

What occurred at the Capitol appeared to be a choreographed effort to derail the evidence being read into the Congressional Record. The willingness of Capitol police to stand aside (reportedly by orders from on high) and virtually usher the few dozens of so-called protesters to the inner chambers was a sideshow, giving Congress an excuse to drop all arguments and deny entering objections to compromised electoral college delegations. Video after undoctored video exhibit a different story than the one promulgated by the democrat-led overthrow of the Republic.

Because the repression is beginning online by shutting out President Trump and any assumed conservative-based social media account or video posting (completely overlooking the riots of the past nine months), panderers are soft-selling the restrictions, expecting to avoid censorship themselves. Once the hammer of censorship is brought down on the “offensive” deplorables and Christians, there will be no holding back the continued smashing and sidelining of non-cooperative opinions and businesses.

The violent battering of dissenters and simple bystanders has already had a media makeover, opening the way for fascist authoritarians to re-enact the Kristallnacht physically, taking action beyond online silencing.

The tragedy of allowing private tech mavens to clamp down on commentary of which they disapprove is how many locked-down Covid creatures generally assume they will escape the growing despotism. Once unleashed, the authoritarians will not be inclined to relinquish power. Citizens will conform or be corralled unless and until they stampede the horse thieves, forcing them to run for cover or be trampled.

What might have worked in Europe ninety years ago won’t occur as easily here. There have been millions of miniature Marxists raised up by the public schools but even those indoctrinated youngsters are not enough to dispossess a population of 325 million, especially when upwards of half of them adhere to the Constitution and will protect it against enemies foreign and domestic.

If the Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon and democrat autocrats think they’ve got the American people bridled with a bit in their mouths, they need to recheck who actually is holding the reins because it’s not the D.C. rustlers.

Note: Rustling was a hanging offense.

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