Socialism Through the Back Door

Socialism Through the Back Door

By Judith H. Rose 3/20/2020

The coronavirus has done what decades of Democratic efforts have attempted and failed to do, and the Socialists didn’t even have to win an election to do it. We are fast becoming a socialist nation because of a tiny virus unseen by the naked eye. News coverage for this current epidemic has been equal to or more than that of a world war. There has been no political takeover or meteor crashing into the earth to cause the current financial meltdown. Most people think that a minuscule virus, impossible to see, has caused this current emergency. But if even half of our American citizens had used our phenomenal former economy to prepare themselves for an emergency, we would not be in our current situation.

The real problem, as I see it, is that Americans have come to look to the government to solve all our problems when it should be up to each citizen and corporation to plan for setbacks and disasters that will eventually come, whether they be from earthquakes, hurricanes or warfare. The world will always present us with challenges. The only question is – when.

The basic law that has led to the success and prosperity of Americans in the past has been grossly violated. The law was: Do for yourself or do without. America is largely great because its economy has been great. But now, there is the notion that we will all fall apart if both individuals and businesses are not rescued by the government. However, our government is not responsible for our welfare – we are, and the notion that Big Daddy should always protect us so we don’t have to suffer is threatening to destroy the underpinnings of our republic. And that idea is the beginning of socialism.

Of course, there will always be those among us who cannot care for themselves. Then it is the responsibility of the family first and then the government to care for them.

Were Americans prepared for this crisis? Obviously not. In America, we buy toys first and then worry about security – if we have money left over. Suddenly, money is being doled out to chosen Americans and businesses as if there were no tomorrow. Sadly, perhaps there will be no tomorrow for many other businesses and households.

So now the government is “investing” trillions of dollars to get Uncle Sam’s people back on their feet, and it is being done with my tax money and yours. Loans might be a great idea, but outright gifts only teach the people to postpone the lessons of this virus: Prepare ahead for disasters – because sooner or later they will come.

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