Speak the Truth

Speak the Truth

By Michael J. Lewinski  07/11/19

Progressive Socialist Democrats do not celebrate power to the people, but rather power to the state. Their only concern with people is about how to control as many of them as possible.

Their proposals for Medicare for all is perhaps their biggest grab for power over the people that they have ever attempted. Progressive attempts to outlaw private health insurance will leave no options for ordinary people to access health care other than through Medicare for all.

If you need a doctor, you won’t have access to one. If you need to go to a hospital, you won’t be able to do so. If you need medicine, it will very expensive and you won’t have access to many medications.

Under Medicare for all, government bureaucrats will dictate which procedures you can receive. Bureaucrats will decide the pay rates for doctors, which will result in many leaving the profession. Some branches of specialized medicine will be very limited or eliminated.

It is not only healthcare through which Progressives seek to control vast numbers of people. They want to control how the economy functions. They want to impose massive regulations on business to limit what companies should and should not do.

Progressives want to control what people are paid in a company all of the way from the janitors to the CEO. They want to control what can be manufactured and what cannot be produced. What effect would these decisions have on entrepreneurs? There would be far fewer of them to start companies and provide jobs for people like you.

To stop this Progressive madness from going forward, you have to participate in the 2020 elections. You can support Conservative and moderate candidates to stop the Progressives producing this madness.

By doing so you must speak the truth that the plans of the Progressive Socialist Democrats will destroy our country by taking away our religious freedom, the freedom to defend yourself, and our prosperity. Speak the truth to your oppressors and pray for it to be heard.

Michael Lewinski holds a masters degree in special education. He taught special education classes at the junior and senior high school levels in Ohio and Indiana until his retirement in 2010.


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