Super Tuesday: Propping Up Good Ole’ Uncle Joe Biden

Super Tuesday: Propping Up Good Ole’ Uncle Joe Biden

COLORADO SPRINGS: There’s an aspect to the democrat primaries that’s been noted only in comedic passing: the state of democrat candidate, Joe Biden.  His gaffes have been numerous and oddly comical as pundits have made hay with them.

But the larger truth is we are witnessing a man past his prime who is struggling with age.

Most people lose memory as they age, and other than some extreme disease reason, it is to be expected, even overlooked.  But when that person is put before cameras nationwide, touted as “the next president of the United States,” stroked and prepped, one wonders at the moral character of those who would use such a man for their own purposes.

Whatever anyone may think of Joe Biden, we must admit that he has enjoyed a long career in public service.  As a senator and two-term vice president, obviously he has been present at much of America’s late twentieth and early twenty-first-century history-making.  Now, as he stands before us in a nice suit, freshly shaved and prepared, we see an elder of the country.

Until he opens his mouth.

Examples of Biden’s missteps are numerous.

Reporter James Crowley reported in Newsweek recently of his telling of a false war story. (Joe Biden’s Biggest Gaffes in his 2020 Campaign – Newsweek)

“In August 2019, Biden shared a heroic story with a New Hampshire audience about him going to the Konar province in Afghanistan. He said that a four-star general asked him to make the trip to recognize a Navy captain’s heroism. Biden said the captain tried to refuse a Silver Star, because he felt like a failure.  The Washington Post debunked most of Biden’s story, writing that the time period, location, heroic act, type of medal, military branch, and recipient’s rank were incorrect.”

In an August article titled, “Joe Biden isn’t just a gaffe machine.  He’s the Lamborghini of gaffes,”  Dana Milbank opined

“There is no surer way to convince people you are going nuts than to stand in front of a crowd and announce that you are not going nuts,” referring to a Biden gaffe: “I want to be clear: I’m not going nuts,” Joe Biden said at a campaign stop Friday struggling to identify the location of a speech he had just given.”

Milbank continued,

“Nothing is more likely to raise doubts about your mental acuity than to misidentify the state you are in. “What’s not to like about Vermont?” Biden asked on Saturday — in New Hampshire. He previously confused Burlington, Iowa, with Burlington, Vt.”

Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh today opined that he’s figured out democrat’s strategy to make it through the 2020 presidential election intact. Limbaugh offers that democrats, realizing they are going to lose the presidential election and needing to preserve their elite establishment democrat theocracy, may have decided that they will be better off with Joe Biden, an establishment figure, than with Bernie Sanders, a crazy flame thrower.

The Many Hands of Joe Biden, the Democrats’ Gaffe Machine

President Trump, who’s dubbed Biden, “Sleepy Joe,” would have a field day with this senior citizen who is obviously past his sell-by date.  He’s already tearing into Joe Biden’s frequent campaign gaffes, saying Monday that Biden will live in “a home” if he’s elected president.

“They’re going to put him into a home and other people are going to be running the country,” Trump said. “And they’re going to be super left radical crazies.”  He added, “They’re going to be super left radical crazy. Joe’s gonna be in a home. He’ll be watching television and everything will be just fine.”
But the Democrat leadership is knowingly, even eagerly, throwing “Ole’ Joe” overboard to public ridicule.

If a zoo had an aging animal that was acting out, they would remove him from public view and grant him his needed retirement behind the scenes.  Not these Dems.

They’re hanging Biden out to dry with the same cold resolve they’ve shown during their three-year attempted coup d’etat against President Trump.  Anything for victory.  Anything. If it means throwing a party elder to the four winds, so be it.

If Biden is nominated, can he keep up with a national campaign against President Trump?

The stress of travel, little sleep, and endless public appearances would take a healthy young person down.  But facing a strong opponent such as Donald Trump will be even more difficult for candidate Biden.

His recent “gaffes” are an indicator of the future.  Comedian Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show noted that “between the constant campaign rallies, debates, fundraisers and media interviews, running for president is obviously grueling.”

On The Daily Show, he pointed out the toll back-to-back events already are taking on the former vice president, who just cruised to victory in the South Carolina primary.

“Things might be looking up for Biden,” the Comedy Central star said before adding, “he still has opponents in this race… the most difficult is himself.”

Noah tossed to a montage of the Democratic contender’s gaffes.

In one clip, Biden called Fox News host Chris Wallace, “Chuck.” Another snippet showed the 77-year-old politician telling supporters “super Thursday” is around the corner. In a third clip, he botched a quote from the Declaration of Independence but attempted to recover by telling supporters “you know the thing.”

The anything-goes mentality of these cold establishment democrats is astonishing.  As they trot out an old warhorse, they show not only Joe Biden’s blind spots and aging, but their own venality as well.  Older people are to be respected, looked up to, and taken care of.  Whoever is running this Biden circus should be held responsible for poor judgment and for lacking the common decency with which we treat our elders.

In other words, the Democrat establishment should be ashamed of itself.

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