Surprise! The Coming Election Results

Surprise! The Coming Election Results

By Judith La Montagne – September 23, 2020

The November 2020 election has proven even more controversial than 2016. President Trump won the fierce battle against Hillary Clinton when the votes were counted, but it was a squeaker. I couldn’t stay up to watch the results because I feared what would happen to the country had Hillary been elected. That was a close call.

The same fears, on steroids, are present in the current election except that the Machiavellian schemes are even more dire. Trump must win because our very Constitution is at stake. The media and its celebrities are once again downgrading Trump while worshiping at the feet of a candidate who would be unable to run the country if elected. We cannot turn the country over to the machinations of evil persons who want to overthrow it. The people will choose between a Republican candidate who loves his country or a Democrat who would destroy our Constitution. But quite frankly, the government would be run by Joe Biden’s henchmen because Biden himself is simply unable to serve.

There is no doubt President Trump is a skilled politician. Intellectually and policy-wise, Trump has captured the support of ever more voters as he has supported the Constitutional rule of law and order. Biden would be a puppet, supporting the Left’s agenda while disrespecting the American people. He would obediently bow to the Socialist ideas of the Democrats to defund the police, support the Green New Deal, and vigorously tout abortion rights.

Finally, President Trump strongly supports healthy U.S. economic growth while Biden has a soft spot in his heart for China.

A Comparison

President Trump has endured Democratic spying on his campaigns and a witch hunt that began even before his 2016 inauguration, followed by a “trumped up” impeachment proceeding. Next he was challenged by the previously unknown killer disease, Covid 19, that swept not only this country but the entire world.

When the country finally began to recover from the resulting quarantine-style lockdowns, it was shocked by an even worse “epidemic.” Haters that included the Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups attacked our citizens, and our neighborhoods. As the movement surged out of control, our President encouraged Democratic governors to vigorously police the fires and riots. They did not. Instead,they fueled the fires, blaming the innocent and allowing the criminals full freedom. This cannot stand.

I am in awe of President Donald J. Trump. When does this man even find time to sleep? And how does he find the strength to cope with such overwhelming difficulties? The answer is love of country and boundless energy.

And what has Biden accomplished? In nearly half a century of public office, he has accomplished nothing noteworthy. Other than being chosen as President Obama’s running mate, the only thing that distinguishes his career are his illicit “million-dollar deals” on behalf of his absent son, Hunter, and his “courageous” ousting of an innocent Ukrainian prosecutor. He vegetates in his basement bunker, opening his mouth only to deride President Trump’s policies, praise BLM, and, sadly, reveal to everyone his intellectual difficulties. The teleprompter is his best friend, and the quacking of the ducks in his back yard is more compelling in conversation than he is. No legislation to better the lives of the American people can rightly be credited to Biden during his long tenure in government. The American people expect better of our legislators.

What About Debates?

Although Americans have come to expect presidential debates, they are actually only a custom and not required. Since 1975, the Commission on Presidential Debates has overseen their rules and venues. A series of Presidential debates is scheduled this fall beginning next week, but whether they will happen is still unknown. President Trump, a convincing and charismatic candidate would enjoy a debate; Biden, no longer a fluent public speaker, would prefer no debates.

However, the opportunity to hear from Biden during the campaign has been minimal. He has secured himself in his basement bunker and has had  little to say. Unless he truly has no interest in becoming president, his silence is not acceptable. We need to know who and what we’re voting for. If Biden indeed has a cognitive disorder as seems likely, it is not safe for the country for him to become president. Meanwhile, President Trump has already proven himself capable and is vigorously touring the country interacting with the American people.

If a winning president merely sat in the White House giving his opinions, debates would not be useful. But a president wields a mighty sword, and Americans have come to expect action from their leaders. It will be interesting to see whether Biden will be able to work out a method whereby he can receive needed help if he agrees to debate. He will need it against President Trump!

What About Election Fraud? Two Scenarios:

The Results are Delayed

Unfortunately. there are underhanded ways in which a win can be wrested from President Trump. Mail-in ballots would likely be the most successful because tabulating the votes will be time-consuming and difficult. In this scenario, plans have likely already been made by the Democrats to force delays in the counting of the votes. During the interim, there would be much opportunity for fraud by vote harvesting, out-of-state invalid voters, and late votes that could make a big difference. Proven fraud has already occurred in states using this unsecured method.

As the counting process went on and on, Americans would become increasingly upset and nervous about the results. People would want the election to be over with, which would benefit Biden. The format here is delay, delay, delay. The Democrats would come up with many supposedly cogent excuses, such as blaming the Post Office or trumped-up Republican voter fraud. If this is the plan, Democrat governors likely already have their individual plans in place to swing the votes to Biden. Unfortunately for Republican voters, it is the Democrat governors’ responsibility to see that elections are not fraudulent, and if they are so uncaring that they won’t stop riots in their own cities, why should they have any qualms about interfering in an election?

Unfortunately, mail-in-ballots are already a done deal in many states. We must hope that Federal election officials will be honest and above taking bribes or allowing their own prejudices to interfere with the vote count. There must be strong safeguards in place.

Bait and Switch

I don’t believe it was entirely an accident when Biden’s Vice-Presidential choice, Kamala Harris, spoke of the “Harris-Biden” ticket followed by the same slip-of-the-tongue by Biden the following day. I would not be at all surprised if a deal has already been brokered to force Biden to take the passenger seat should the Democrats win. Democrat leaders already know that their potential new president is incompetent, so here’s the deal: Let Joe have the prestige and glory he seeks by finally becoming president of the United States – in name only – and likely for a very short time. Then, the plan could very well be to have someone (probably within their party) finally insist that Biden take a cognitive test, which he will obviously fail, whereupon, the Democratic Party will finally admit that Biden cannot fulfill the role of president and Harris will take on the the party platform with a vengeance.


Unless there are landslide election results that cannot be ignored, the Left likely have a plan securely in place to steal the election should it be necessary. While Conservatives are not perfect either, the Democratic Party seems to be the source of the worst cheaters – and they are inventive. Will there be anyone strong enough to stand up to them? The American people are certainly roused, but are they sufficiently prepared to thwart a fraudulent election? Let us hope and pray – and be vigilant. We know President Trump is a fighter. Will the citizens of this country also defend their right to a fair election? We will likely find out.

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