“Sustainable Development” and the “New World Order” are now the Green New Deal!

“Sustainable Development” and the “New World Order” are now the Green New Deal!

By Dawn Hoagland 9/24/19

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) introduced the Green New Deal as a bold idea to drastically cut the use of fossil fuels to save the planet from complete destruction. She recently said, “Climate change and our environmental challenges are one of the biggest existential threats to our way of life not just as a nation but as a world. Scientists say the U.S. must significantly decarbonize in 12 years.” Haven’t we heard this before?

In 2006, Al Gore predicted Global Warming would cause devastating and irreversible damage to the planet in 10 years. Ten years have passed and the planet is still spinning. He made a lot of money off his scaremongering. Al Gore and David Blood, the former chief of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, made nearly $218 million in profits between 2008 and 2011 from a carbon trading company they co-founded.

Al Gore is still flying around in a jet

Al Gore tricked us in 2006 with his movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.” It scared a generation of children who saw it in school during science classes. Ten years have passed. The temperature is not rising. The polar bears are doing really well. Coastal cities are not underwater. Predictions were so wrong they had to stop talking about global warming. Now it is ‘climate change’ or ‘climate catastrophe’ we need to worry about.

It has been estimated that the Green New Deal would cost $93 trillion to fully implement. AOC insists, “We need to bite the bullet on the cost because the alternative is either A: Death or B: spending even more money” (to deal with all of the catastrophes caused by climate change). The big takeaway quote from AOC’s latest video is, “We need to change our consumption.” Al Gore is still flying around on gas-guzzling jet planes, but we are supposed to become bicycling vegans.

The Green New Deal calls for 100% renewable energy to replace fossil fuels in the next 10 years. We presently get 85% of our energy from coal plants, oil and gas. It requires a lot of energy to make the 260 tons of steel needed to make one windmill. In a good location, a wind turbine will take about three years to start yielding more energy than it took to make it.

Wind turbines and solar panels have hidden costs and create lots of waste

Wind turbines wear out quicker than expected and yield less energy with each passing year. Estimates put the tear-down cost of a single modern wind turbine, which can rise from 250 to 500 feet above the ground, at $200,000. With more than 50,000 wind turbines spinning in the United States, decommissioning costs are estimated at around $10 billion. This issue doesn’t seem to get much attention.

Building solar panels requires quartz which has to be mined and then refined in a hot furnace into polysilicon. This process produces toxic waste, about three or four tons of silicon tetrachloride for every ton of polysilicon. It is very expensive to recycle this waste, so it is routinely dumped where it releases hydrochloric acid, acidifying the soil and emitting harmful fumes.

AOC’s ideas are not new. The Earth Summit Conference was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, hosted by the United Nations, the Secretary-General of this event being the late Maurice Strong. Hundreds of NGOs (non-governmental organizations), 117 heads of state, and the media participated in this event to discuss solutions for global problems such as pollution, poverty, and the growing gap between industrialized and developing nations.

Maurice Strong staged the climate change hoax

At the summit, Maurice Strong made the shocking statement, “Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.” 

It became obvious at the summit that the U.S. was expected to decrease its energy consumption and manufacturing capacity while donating resources and technology to underdeveloped nations. Agenda 21 is the name of a 348-page book, published by the United Nations in 1992, consisting of detailed instructions about how to deindustrialize the United States. The current Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals reiterate and expand this plan.

It purports to be a plan to achieve equity and social justice among all nations while saving the environment for future generations. People think that Sustainable Development is part of an environmental movement to save the planet. It is not. Concern for the environment is the cover story. Central planning and control is the real goal.

George H. Bush predicted the United Nations would bring about a “New World Order”

Agenda 2030 aims to consolidate power in one governing body that would be in charge of redistributing resources and enforcing compliance with sustainable development goals. George H. Bush told us in 1992 that we would soon live under a “New World Order.”

No one really understood that he meant people all over the world would eventually be governed and policed by the United Nations. Energy use would be tallied, taxed and limited. We are still in the tallying stage right now as everyone installs “smart” meters to help them keep their electric bill down and “smart” appliances which will be part of the Internet of Things to be connected by 5G eventually.

The concept of sustainable development was the focus of the Earth Summit in June 1992, where George H. Bush gave it a ringing endorsement. Sustainable development was given cabinet-level attention from 1993 – 2001 during Bill Clinton’s presidency. It was successfully integrated into the Common Core standards in U.S. education starting in 2010 with the help of Bill Gates under the Obama administration.

Every town, every region, every state, and almost every country has a “Sustainability Plan”

Sustainable development has by now been adopted by almost every town council in every county across America. Just look for the “Regional Sustainability Plan” for your area. Sustainable development calls for the inventory and control of every resource in the world, including land, water, minerals, oil, forests, animals, fish and “human capital.” Every politician has to factor in climate change to any plan.

The Common Core is being developed to track and train human capital. It is a system of national standards designed to be delivered and tested on a computer. It is a system designed to inventory (through data collection) and control (through grades, analysis of character and willingness to comply) every student in the U.S. to be college and career ready.

Students are taught to applaud the United Nations while denigrating the United States

The United Nations announced that 2005-2014 would be the decade of education for sustainable development. NY fifth grade students are still spending weeks studying the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Advanced Placement U.S. History students are skipping over the importance of the Declaration of Independence and the philosophical underpinnings of our nation because Thomas Jefferson owned slaves.

President Trump pulled us out of the Paris Accord and renegotiated NAFTA as soon as he was inaugurated. He reversed Obama’s policy on coal. He would do well to close the federal Department of Education and shut down the propaganda that is the Common Core Standards.

Agenda 21, Chapter 36 is devoted to education. “Both formal and non-formal education is indispensable to changing people’s attitudes so that they have the capacity to assess and address their sustainable development concerns.” In other words, some persuasion needs to take place before people will accept the idea that eating a cheeseburger in an air-conditioned kitchen is no longer sustainable. That is why the Common Core is being implemented K-12 in almost every state. Brainwashing must begin in kindergarten.

Climate change computer models are flawed

A generation of children has been taught that climate change is man-made and it will definitely wreak havoc on the planet. They are now old enough to vote. Some will vote for a tax on carbon even though it is not in their best interest because they are reacting to emotional fearmongering instead of factual evidence.

There is no actual proof that temperatures are rising significantly, only devastating predictions made by flawed computer modeling. If just one input is incorrect, such as the impact of cloud cover, the resulting prediction will be completely wrong. Is it wise to use unreliable predictions about rising temperature as the basis for our energy policies?

The Democratic candidates for president are all touting the importance of the Green New Deal as if the science is settled. The fact that skeptics are labeled “deniers,” barred from university positions, and unable to access research grants shows that climate change is an agenda — not science.

Politicians who push the Green New Deal will inevitably resort to a tax on carbon to “change our consumption” as AOC stated as her goal. Ilhan Omar recently asked a climate scientist in congress how to decrease dependence on fossil fuel. He simply stated, “We need to put a price on carbon.”

A carbon tax decreases productivity and creativity

A tax that will be levied to fend off an imaginary scenario predicted by faulty computer models is an egregious affront to logic. God gave us beautiful minds equipped with the capacity to use our intellect to make decisions and solve problems.

Will the godless socialist wing of the Democratic Party win this debate with emotional pleas to believe their propaganda? How many of these zealots are already in positions of power where they can create laws to crush our economy with limits on energy use and an increase in taxes? 

2020 is an existential election for the United States. Will we leave a flourishing country for posterity or will we shut down our power plants, our productivity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit because we believed the scary stories told by Al Gore, Maurice Strong and AOC? Consider the options prayerfully.

Dawn Hoagland is a writer and a teacher who lives in upstate New York. 


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