Take Note: Classical Music, Opera, and Improv Comedy are Racist

Take Note: Classical Music, Opera, and Improv Comedy are Racist

By Def-Con News, 7/16/2020

According to liberals, everything is racist. The left has slowly been cataloging everything as racist but ,thanks to the George Floyd riots, they’ve expedited this effort. In recent days, we have learned that foodchess, and sleep are racist and now we are learning that improv comedy, classical music, and opera are also white supremacist hate crimes. I’m still waiting for them to proclaim racism is racist, but they have hundreds of millions of things to get through before that.

First up, The Washington Post has proclaimed classical music racist:

  The Washington Post

 Perspective: That sound you’re hearing is classical music’s long overdue reckoning with racism 


As I pointed out earlier, the WaPo puts their content behind a paywall. I’m not willing to give this fake news a dime of my money, but you can see very clearly by this tweet that they think classical music is racist.

I guess if Chopin had written an Etude in N-word Major or if Brahms had composed KKK Festival Overture they’d have a point but since they didn’t this is really stupid.

In related news, the fat lady is singing because the New York Times believes opera is also racist:

  New York Times

  Critic’s Notebook: The upheaval from the coronavirus pandemic presents an opportunity to end         excuses and truly reform opera’s culture — to place anti-racism front and center as the industry rebuilds itself, Joshua Barone writes: 

  Opera Can No Longer Ignore Its Race Problem

  As the industry rebuilds from the coronavirus pandemic, it must face long-simmering issues

  of representation.

The NYT has a slightly less shitty business model in that they give a few free articles per month, but I’m not willing to waste one of my free articles on this. The bottom line is, they think the coronavirus is a reason to call opera out for it’s racism and that’s exactly as dumb as it sounds. 

Finally, the LA Times blows the lid off of improv comedy as a vehicle for white supremacy:

  A former Black administrator at the Groundlings said a wall celebrating comedians in the lobby said         so much about the theatre https://latimes.com/entertainment-arts/story/2020-07-13/groundlings-ucb-upright-citizens-brigade-systemic-racism 


I’m going to guess that this black woman is not funny in any way, shape, or form and is using racism as an excuse for her lack of talent.

Pantomime, Kabuki, and Norwegian death metal have traditions of whiteface make-up, but for some reason the liberal media doesn’t think those mediums are racist. I guess only minstrel blackface is offensive unless liberals like Virginia governor Ralph Northam or the “conscience of America” Jimmy Kimmel does it.

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