The 1932 and 1939 Project

Engraving shows the arrival of a Dutch slave ship with a group of African slaves for sale, Jamestown, Virginia, 1619. (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The 1932 and 1939 Project

By Richard Moss, M.D. 10/5/19

With the launching of the NY Times “1619 Project,” the paper of record seeks to reframe American history. Formerly, we had foolishly assumed the birth of the nation to be July 4, 1776, with the writing of the Declaration of Independence. But, no, the paper of record has another date in mind. It turns out to be 1619, with the importing of the first African slave to America. 

That moment, the Times believes, more honestly depicts the founding of the nation and its underlying precepts. It turns out not to be our Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, or the even the more uproarious notion of our founding creed, that “all men are created equal.” Rather, it is that America is a uniquely racist and exploitative enterprise, a criminal operation, morally stained at the core in its DNA, founded as it is on the institution of slavery.

Furthermore, we are to understand that the advances and benefits that have accrued to our nation in its 243-year history, come not from our religious underpinnings, culture, allegiance to the rule of law, private property rights, individual sovereignty, free markets, and our constitutional system of limited government, but rather — you guessed it — slavery. 

Others have refuted (Mark Levin, Byron York, Mackubin Thomas Owens, Joshua Lawson) the hopelessly ideologic and political 1619 Project, and so I will not bother to go over ground capably covered elsewhere. Rather, I propose something else. Why play in their playground after all? Why waste valuable time unpacking a biased effort whose purpose is to tear down and delegitimize our nation, its history and Constitution, for the purpose ultimately of overthrowing the hated regime and replacing it with something more to their liking, say in the Marxist/Leninist mold? After all, the Times and fellow travelers have made clear their preference for Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and, of course, Fidel, over right-wing has-beens and slaveholders like Washington, Jefferson and Madison. 

It makes more sense to declare a new project, one that I will describe as the “1932 and 1939 Project,” not as a new timeline and birthdate for the founding of the nation but rather as the origin of the despairingly predictable, monolithic, leftist, propaganda machine that the media have become. Why 1932 and 1939? These are the years in which the failing NY Times (a Trumpism) chose to ignore, cover up and whitewash for ideologic purposes what were among the worst genocides of the 20th century, the Ukraine famine and the Holocaust.

Walter Duranty was the New York Times Moscow Bureau Chief from 1922-1936, soon after the Bolshevik (Communist) overthrow of the Russian government in 1917. It was after Stalin’s first five-year plan, 1928-1933, in which Stalin attempted to restructure the Soviet economy, that Duranty became prominent. He had access to Josef Stalin who granted him his first exclusive interview in 1929. Duranty was an apologist for Bolshevism. Many in the American intelligentsia were sympathetic to Bolshevism. Stalin’s policies led to widespread famine, particularly in the Ukraine, where estimates of up to 10 million people perished between 1932-1933, felt by many to be a deliberate genocide against the Ukrainians. Contemporaneous observers reported that Duranty knew of the atrocities and starvation and knowingly misrepresented the material.

Duranty received the Pulitzer Prize for Correspondence in 1932 for a series of reports from the Soviet Union in which he denied that there was mass starvation. Duranty also covered up the Stalin “show trials” of political opponents from 1936-1938. Why did the Duranty and his employer, the New York Times, allow this charade to continue? Money and access. The Times received exclusive interviews with Stalin, who enjoyed favorable press. Duranty enjoyed the good life in Moscow paid for by the Times.

Everyone benefited except the tens of millions of Russians who were executed, starved, tortured and imprisoned. In 2003, Ukrainian organizations requested that the Pulitzer Board revoke Duranty’s award. The clucking leftists rejected their request but kindly extended their sympathies to the Ukrainians (Eugene Vekleroy). The New York Times, defender of Communist murder and genocide.

The Times is also notorious for covering up the Holocaust, the Nazi effort to exterminate the Jews during World War II. It did so by burying stories about the Nazi genocide against the Jews in the back pages of the paper, avoiding the front page except on rare occasions. The New York Times often avoided mentioning that the victims of the Nazi persecutions, deportation and death camps were Jews, citing instead their nationality or describing them as refugees. 

If you had read the front page of the New York Times during the period of the Holocaust (1939-1945), you would have missed the fact that the Nazis were rounding up, deporting, imprisoning, torturing, conducting medical experiments on, interning in concentration camps, exposing to horrendous conditions of disease, starvation, and slave labor, executing, machine gunning, gassing, and otherwise exterminating on an industrial scale millions of innocent Jews (Buried by The Times, Laurel Leff). You would have missed the fact that Hitler had targeted the Jews for total annihilation.

The Jewish publisher, Arthur Hays Sulzberger, was a liberal Reform Jew. He did not want the Times to be thought of as a Jewish paper and so made every effort to downplay stories of Jewish significance including the Holocaust. Because of the Times’ unique position as the dominant newspaper in America, because the U.S. government, American Jewish groups, and the American press depended on the Times for the “news,” the American public remained largely ignorant of this matter. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the New York Times in 2001, Max Frankel wrote that the Time’s treatment of the Holocaust was “the century’s bitterest journalistic failure.” Mark Levin described the deliberate cover up of genocide by the Times as the “betrayal of millions.”

In the face of the current pack mentality of the press, our Soviet media, it seems reasonable for the American press be grounded in historical eras that can reasonably be thought to define the onset of its corruption. If the NY Times can change the origin of the U.S. from 1776 to 1619, then surely, we can assign start dates for the perversion of our media. And what better and more consequential eras than the cover up by the NY Times of two of the 20th century’s greatest genocides, the Communist-led Ukraine famine of 1932 and the Holocaust, which began in 1939?  

The press, by the NY Times, has become America’s very own Soviet Press, our version of Pravda only worse. No longer content to report the news, share ideas, challenge dogmas, nurture creativity, and provide critical oversight of the government for the purpose of enlightening the public that they may make informed decisions, to be, in other words, a bastion of liberty, the American media have become a monolithic leftist propaganda machine intent on promoting a Marxist view of reality indistinguishable from that of the Democrat Party. 

This collapse into naked, overt, summary leftism in support of one political party and ideology has reached its acme in the age of Trump where even the pretense of objectivity is dispensed with in the pursuit of ousting a duly elected President. It seems reasonable as we bemoan the breakdown of the free press and with it perhaps our republic, its evolution into a totalitarian and unblinking anti-American instrument as manifested most recently in its promotion and celebration of the ill-conceived 1619 Project that we launch a new project that tethers the unfortunate collapse of the American press to an appropriate historical frame. We can describe it as the “1932 and 1939 Project.”

These are the start dates when the shameless NY Times concealed the 20th century’s two greatest genocides. We should find other examples of press derangement led by the failing NY Times, develop further programs, videos and curricula on the theme of a debauched and corrupt press, spread through appropriate channels, social media, and our schools and universities. Let the failing NY Times and media allies play in our playground. It is only fitting.



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