The Almighty’s Providence Transcends the Democrats’ Wicked Politics

The Almighty’s Providence Transcends the Democrats’ Wicked Politics

By Judi McLeodOctober 7, 2020

Although non-believers don’t realize it, and perhaps never will, Providence is keeping Western Society from being capsized by a Democrat-pushed complete Socialist State,  where all lives—including innocent babes in the womb—don’t matter.

It is the Almighty’s Providence now keeping the masses from despondency and despair even with all churches either closed, or restricting the number of longing souls who can attend scheduled services.

It was only Providence that sent President Donald Trump back Home to the White House after two days of being treated for Coronavirus at the Walter Reed Medical Center; Providence that had average folk seeing straight through the ‘coincidence’  of only Trump administration officials and staffers contracting the dread virus over a 2-day period, with no coincidental contracting of the virus by any Democrats.

With Providence it’s easy to see that the Democrats are spending their time politicizing the virus rather than seeking to cure it.

The Marxist projection of activist Democrat leaders like Michelle Obama, now branding the president as a “racist”—by making use of a racist screed herself—has reached an all-time high:

“Former US First Lady Michelle Obama has launched a scathing attack on Donald Trump, calling him a “racist” president whose strategy of fear-mongering, division and promoting ugly conspiracy theories could “destroy” the United States if he is re-elected. (Al Jezeera, Oct. 6, 2020)

“In a 24-minute video offering closing arguments for Democratic White House nominee Joe Biden four weeks before election day on November 3, Obama described Trump and his Republican allies as unfairly “stoking fears” about Black Americans.”

And of course, Obama is accusing Trump for being responsible for the Covid-19 outbreak that was launched on the world by Communist China:

“Obama also accused him of “willful mismanagement” of the coronavirus crisis, noting that more Americans have died from COVID-19 than died in the Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Korean wars combined. “Our commander-in-chief,” she said, “sadly, has been missing in action.” (Al Jezeera)

“In order to “distract from his breathtaking failures”, Obama said Trump was “morally wrong” for taking actions that intimidate voters and for “lying about how minorities will destroy the suburbs”.

The entire radical activism being played out by power-crazed Democrats in Election 2020 is best described like this: “What if we held an election and nobody came?”

That’s Democrat election campaign strategy in one sentence.

They hope that their scare mongering on the pandemic will keep millions of voters away from Election Polls, while they push for a total Mail-In Vote.

Remember it was malcontent Obama who led the Mail-In Vote initiative through her ‘When We All Vote’  Drive’, in which she is media-described as “NON-PARTISAN.

The Obamas and Hillary Clinton will ever go away as long as there is still money and power in the picture.

The old guard, at it for centuries, is making the proverbial college try to rob the freedom of We the People.

The masses are so much easier to control when they are left in a state of dejection in ongoing Lockdown.

The last word here belongs to writer John Rappoport, who wrote in a recent column:

“Know that any such top-down effort to destroy freedom…

“Is the goal of the plan…

“And the plan is a con.

“A con is a con…

“Is a con.”

Meanwhile, we will survive the “con” with the Almighty’s Providence.

That’s chiefly because we’re all getting by due to Providence not Politics.


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