The American Dream is Under Attack

The American Dream is Under Attack

The principles of unity, democracy and free enterprise that our forefathers fought for as colonists from Europe, and inscribed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, are being challenged on every level.

A wide array of interests has gathered together to systematically oppose each of these principles because a strong and free United States is a threat to their plans.

These interests are both foreign and domestic. Foreign interests include Globalists who see a strong United States as the impediment to their plans to control the world, drug cartels that make trillions of dollars poisoning our children, and terrorist countries and organizations who know that the United States is the only power in the world with the strength and resolve to oppose them.

Domestically, these interests range from politics, the news media and entertainment, to “big business.”

The political process itself has become its own special interest. There is so much money to be made in fundraising, advertising, and lobbying, that a harmonious, united country is considered undesirable. Both sides of the political spectrum thrive on conflict and division, yet they always seem to agree on the same principles of big government, big spending, and government control. Who is going to make a big dollar donation to a political party if the other side is considered honorable and “someone we can work with?”

The news, entertainment and social media sectors also thrive on conflict and division. Who wants to watch the nightly news when the stories are about government working well, and people getting along as Americans? “Good TV” involves protests and riots, arguments and violence. And our social media giants seem united in their determination to promote a Globalist agenda.

Finally, the strength of America, our free enterprise system, is also being controlled by groups that consider conflict and division “good for business.” They include, among others, the gun lobby, the military industrial complex and unions.

Once you realize that the core of America is full of honest, hardworking, tolerant people, and that the media and the groups and interests listed above are manipulating our country for their own goals, you’re on the way to taking the power out of their hands and starting a true dialog about the important issues facing our country.

During the Revolutionary War, it was the Citizen Sentinels who formed the army for independence, not hired soldiers from other countries. They weren’t fighting as a job, but to defend their homeland, their freedom, and their families.

Just like the original thirteen colonies, the Tea Party movement was an example of a wide array of pro-American interests that came together in a crisis to protect our country and our way of life. They included Constitutionalists, Christians, disaffected Democrats, Libertarians, anti-globalists, veterans and even people opposed to capitalist excesses.

They wanted smaller government, lower taxes, lower deficits, and preservation of the freedoms listed in the Bill of Rights.

They wanted to take peaceful action, opposed violence, and believed in a higher power over government and “causes.” They were anti-politician and opposed both RINOs and leftist Democrats. Contrary to the news reports of the time, they were not racist in any way, and people of all races and cultures were welcomed, while extreme elements were politely, but insistently asked to leave.

It is time to reactivate the Tea Party coalition. There are many areas where ordinary Americans – Citizen Sentinels – can join together to expose and oppose these multiple threats to our way of life.

Our first step is to expose what’s happening — point out the array of interests that are aligned against us and how they have been conning us to achieve their goals in the name of inclusion and compassion, when in reality they sow division and hostility.

We need to discover and highlight the threats to the principles outlined in our founding documents — the rule of law, our right to vote fairly, our ability to control our borders, and our freedoms of speech and religion. When they are attacked, we need to defend them by pointing out the motivations of the attackers, and how they are manipulating us to achieve their goals.

The Citizen Sentinels Newsletter can be a magnet for gathering and sharing this information. Articles and videos can be created by grassroots volunteers and collected from other sources. They can be shared through the Citizen Sentinels’ email program, by cooperating with other patriotic groups to share in their messaging, and through our “Liberty Tree” on social media. (At some point we hope to have new, independent social media platforms and search engines that won’t be biased against the American citizen).

Our information needs to expose the threats, point out the interests and motivations of the sources of these threats, and identify ways to fight back. In some cases, we will be working with other groups, and in other cases we will organize for action from within our core network.

The Citizen Sentinels Network is being organized and expanded to include other groups with similar interests who will share our information and collaborate on specific issues such as voter fraud, illegal immigration, freedom of speech, due process, and religious liberty. As these issues come into the spotlight, Citizen Sentinels will to be able to respond with editorials, videos and encourage specific action as needed.

Please take up the cause as a Citizen Sentinel. Join with us by signing up here and sharing your areas of interest.

By working together, we can invite far more people to join our cause, gather information, and spread the word to secure freedom and return the American dream back to our nation.

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  1. Kathleen Hall -

    Wonderful article, Michael. It throughly sums up what we are up against, why, and what we need to do about it. A very positive tone, needed so much right now as many
    are emotionally worn out by the constant onslaught. We must believe we can win this. Thank you!

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