The Avalanche of Dishonesty

The Avalanche of Dishonesty

By Judith La Montagne – 12/17/2020

The 2020 election may be over, but the unfortunate flawed results remain. The stink of rampant cheating will linger as a sad commentary on the state of our country. How did we get into this election mess? The dishonesty and cheating on so many fronts is unparalleled in our history.

Liberals originally tried to impeach the president before he even had a chance to properly arrange his office furniture. When their plan didn’t destroy President Trump, they became even more determined. Our intrepid President fought back, more determined to succeed than ever. President Trump was an extremely successful man before his presidency, and he knew very well how to fight difficult battles and win the day. The impeachment plan was, of course, ultimately unsuccessful.

A later plan was to discredit the President’s legacy, which. to their chagrin, didn’t work well at all. President Trump remains by far the most popular president in recent years. Despite the Left’s efforts for impeachment, he accomplished far more than anyone thought possible. The economy roared forward with great success, disappointing liberals while drawing in more voters to the president’s side. But since President Trump is a solid Conservative, his reputation could not be allowed to stand by the media. He has been in a policy war with the Left from day one.

Liberals gleefully made use of the “handy” COVID epidemic against President Trump. Though COVID was in no way Trump’s fault, the Left, nevertheless, had a beautiful opportunity to blame the President for the disaster. He was deemed personally “responsible” for all the deaths – even as he worked tirelessly to save lives, build hospitals, promote protective equipment, and find a successful vaccine.

Faced with a president who was a Conservative hero and would not back down, Liberals had little success in subjugating Americans to their policies, so they began making plans to sabotage the 2020 election. For some yet unexplained reason, the Liberals supervised all aspects of the voting process. Conservatives seemed helplessly uninvolved. Why were Conservative representatives not included in conducting any aspects of the voting? I have yet to hear an answer to that important question.

Not yet satisfied with their underhanded efforts to unseat President Trump, Liberals wheeled and dealed their way into using Dominion machines and software. I am not a computer expert, but I do know paper ballots are far more secure than voting machines that can be manipulated. Between computer voting, absentee voting without signature matching, duplicate ballots, naked ballots, and other such shenanigans, the voting results came straight from hell. And of course, since we are fighting a deadline, there isn’t much that can be done about it. I found it significant that it took so long to get any replies from the unresponsive Dominion voting machine “experts” and that it was too late to do much about it when the irregularities were finally discovered. Subsequent computer technicians have discovered over a 68% error in some of the machines. More time would undoubtedly have uncovered even more fraud.

After Americans went to bed with the election results overwhelmingly in favor of Trump, including in the six most populous states, strange things happened. It turned out there were voting “monsters” underneath the tables that night in one state and, strangely, in other populous states. The Liberals were ready and willing to attack our president by any means necessary. That particular cheating session was the coup d’ grace for President Trump. Liberals now had the retaliation they so desperately sought against an honest president. A weaker man than Donald Trump would have collapsed under these forces. Donald Trump did not, but the Liberals rejoiced in their new-found power.

In retrospect, the first volleys came much earlier than in the 2020 election. Polls continually declared President Trump trailed their preferred candidate, Joe Biden. People with no agenda other than the welfare of our country were not taken in by this ruse. But, we must remember any lie repeated often enough causes doubt.

There is also something called the “bandwagon effect” common among groups. Simply stated, we all want to be on the winning side. It is difficult to stand alone, and many begin to doubt their choice if it is not popular. For instance, if voters can be convinced most of the country approves of a candidate, (think Biden), the tendency is not to want to appear foolish. There was actually no way Biden could accurately be so far ahead in the polls, considering his cognitive skills and lack of campaigning. But, who wants to defy public opinion? In the absence of critical thinking, which is no longer taught in schools, if people hear propaganda often enough, they begin to feel they must be missing something –  they come to believe what they keep hearing must be true. Little do they know how selectively pollsters ply their trade! And little do we know how much deceptive polling affected our election. In my opinion, polls serve no necessary purpose and should be eliminated.

The mainstream news played its usual one-sided role by giving nothing but good coverage to Biden while trumpeting the supposed weaknesses of President Trump. According to news sources, the president is brash, loud, opinionated, and supposedly unlikable. Yet, according to his actual acquaintances, he is friendly, generous, and kind to all. Certainly the president is also very intelligent and resourceful. Yet news sources hammered him constantly. Not one good quality could they find. The president’s supporters were aghast when they learned shortly before the election that supposedly conservative Fox News had also defected to Joe Biden. That station is now suffering the anger of conservative viewers as their ratings have dropped by 40%.

Leaving no stone unturned, Democratic election officials then made it impossible for any poll watchers to observe the ballot counting. The workers were regularly abused, and Liberals broke the law on numerous occasions. Once again, why were Liberals in charge of the election?

The watchers were afraid to stand up for themselves because police were aligned with the cheaters, and watchers were actually pushed and shoved out of the voting areas or positioned where they were effectively denied oversight. During the later electoral voting in each state, some Republican electors were refused entry to the facilities.

And that, fellow citizens, is how the election was stolen in the year 2020 in a once-free America, the free America that is no more. We mourn her loss.

Possible Safeguards for Future Elections

  1. Liberals should not have exclusive rights to run our elections. We have a two-party system. Both parties should be actively involved in the voting process.
  2. Without exception, voter certification should be limited to a valid driver’s license with photo ID or a non-driver certificate from the state’s bureau of automobile licensing. No exceptions.
  3. No absentee ballots or mail-in votes should be allowed, with the exception of only military personnel. Voting is a vital process that should be carried out in person. If fear keeps a citizen home, so be it. Those in care facilities can request a ride in order to vote.
  4. Votes should not be counted for states that have insufficient oversight. Both sides must sign an affidavit after the election agreeing the voting was well supervised by poll watchers. Another affidavit should be signed by poll watchers.
  5. Where abuse or non-compliance with poll watcher rights exists, the votes for that table should not be counted. Any such irregularities should be immediately reported to a supervisor, and the table must be shut down until accuracy of the vote for that table can be determined and the problem corrected.
  6. Computers should never be used for voting purposes again! Privacy risks and opportunities for fraud thereby are too great.
  7. Complaints of fraud should be allowable up to the New Year. At present, there is not enough time for the legal system to do its necessary work.
  8. Both parties should be able to choose electors since it is impossible to know beforehand the results of an election that may be rigged and not immediately discovered.


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