The Bad Mood Progressives Bring to Us

The Bad Mood Progressives Bring to Us

By Michael J. Lewinski

In an essay by Peggy Noonan, she counsels Joe Biden not to run because the Progressive Democrats will tear him up. She understands very well the threat they pose to the country.

Noonan comprehends that the Democrat Party is not a party of inclusion, but rather a party of exclusion. She explains this by observing, “In the old party of classic 20th-century Democratic liberalism, they wanted everyone to rise…There’s plenty to go around, America’s a rich country, let the government get in and help. The direction, or at least the aspiration, was upward, for everybody.”

She noted, “Now there’s a mood not of Everyone Can Rise but of Some Must Be Taken Down. White people in general, and white males in particular, are guilty of intractable privilege. It’s bitter, resentful, divisive.”

These despicable people form the core of the politically correct cadre who tell the rest of us what to think and say, and what not to think and say. They wrongly think of themselves as morally superior and view the rest as hicks, hayseed and religious fanatics who believe in what they consider a non-existent God. The Progressive Democrats have absolutely no respect whatsoever for you.

Are these the kind of people who you want governing you and your family. Do you want to suffer under the Green New Deal that’s going to bankrupt our country, force you to renovate your house before it’s sold, turn you into a vegetarian, and limit your ability to travel? With the Medicaid for all government takeover, you will lose your health insurance and become totally dependent on the federal government.

Progressive Democrats have a lot more planned for destroying our country. They want to do away with the Electoral College to nullify our votes in fly-over states by electing a president with the popular vote.

The only way you can avoid this insanity is by choosing Conservative candidates like Senators Mike Braun, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz, and Representatives like Jim Jordan and Jim Banks who will support President Trump in the 2020 election.

Michael Lewinski holds a masters degree in special education. He taught special education classes at the junior and senior high school levels in Ohio and Indiana until his retirement in 2010.


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