The Biblical Chicken Before the Constitutional Egg

The Biblical Chicken Before the Constitutional Egg

Pastor Earl Wallace – 11/26/2018

America only can be restored through a mass revival that sees people converted so that citizens begin to apply the Bible to civics. In the effort, it is important to get the Biblical chicken before the Constitutional egg. Coming to Christ is the patriotic thing to do in a nation that has stated in its founding documents that we have inalienable rights that come from our Creator! One must believe in God the Creator to be a true American whose values and outlook is consistent with that of the Founders who God used to birth our beloved United States of America.

America was founded upon the application of the Bible to civics. There are Ten Commandments and there are ten original amendments in the Bill of Rights. Each of these original amendments are designed to compel people in government to treat “We-the-People” according to the Ten Commandments. The Declaration of Independence says God, our Creator, endows each of us with unalienable rights. Thomas Aquinas called these rights our “natural decalogue rights.” America’s founders understood that through the Ten Commandments, God secures our rights to not be murdered (#6), sexually mistreated (#7), stolen from (#8), lied to or about, nor slandered (#9), and to not have our persons, people, position or possessions coveted (#10) by people who would use government power to deny us the blessings God provides for us.

The First Amendment of the US Constitution secures our right to worship God the way He says He wants be worshipped in the Ten Commandments 1-4. The fifth of the Ten Commandments provides for the autonomy of our family sanctity, providing its members do not violate the Ten commandments against one another.

America’s true founding was based upon the application of the Bible to civics.

The 1st Amendment of the US Constitution highlights how the Bible applies to America’s civics.

It conjoins five elements/activities/rights.  They begin with:

  1. Freedom of Religion, meaning Biblical Christianity, which is the primary religion America’s Founders practiced. They were the direct descendants of Separatists and Puritans who migrated from England and Europe to come to a place where they could establish the freedom to live out Biblical values in their personal and civic lives.

As an English teacher, I was taught, “Always pay attention to what an author mentions first, because that thread carries through the rest of the document/story/novel.  God motivated America’s Founders to start the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution with the 1st Amendment because Freedom to practice Biblical Christianity publicly was intended to be the moral guide for American society.

  1. The 2nd element/activity/right of the 1st Amendment is Freedom of Speech because without freedom of religion and speech, one cannot fulfill Christ’s Great Commission to spread the Gospel and Biblical knowledge, which they did in education, through The New England Primer, the first school book approved for American children.
  2. Biblical Christianity is supposed to guide our moral judgement about what is acceptable and unacceptable public speech. How do we know what is appropriate and inappropriate public speech — the Bible tells us so!
  3. Biblical values are to guide Freedom of the press, which is supposed to be reporting as criminal behavior what the Bible denotes as “Public Sin.”  The press is supposed to be reporting as noteworthy what the Bible deems praiseworthy.
  4. Freedom to assemble was encouraged because people needed to be free to conduct Bible studies in the mornings before they went to work; in the afternoons during lunch breaks and in the evenings after dinner. Knowledge of the Bible was encouraged, for that is the only way to determine the basis for our freedoms, and how citizens should conduct ourselves as individual free moral agents before God in a civil society.
  5. Finally America’s Born Again Christian Founders encouraged us that if those people running governments at any and all levels, fail to administer their offices in ways that are consistent with Biblical commands, we are to mass ourselves together to redress the government, and compel its leaders,  by lobbying and election, to get back onto a Godly path!


John Jay, the 1st Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court wrote in a letter to Jedidiah Morse in 1797. “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”

America has been undermined from its Bible-based foundation by those who promote concepts that suppress the knowledge of the Bible in American society, and those who dissuade people from seeing how the Bible applies to civics. This is contrary to what Alexis De Tocqueville noted how in America the Christian religion permeated the whole society, guiding both individual and corporate morality and was the common denominator that motivated and unified the nation.

De Tocqueville said:

I have endeavored to point out in another part of this work the causes to which the maintenance of the political institutions of the Americans is attributable; and religion appeared to be one of the most prominent amongst them. I am now treating of the Americans in an individual capacity, and I again observe that religion is not less useful to each citizen than to the whole State. The Americans show, by their practice, that they feel the high necessity of imparting morality to democratic communities by means of religion. What they think of themselves in this respect is a truth of which every democratic nation ought to be thoroughly persuaded.

The Biblical concepts of “‘Peace on earth and goodwill to men’; ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you’; ’Turn the other cheek’, and ‘Love you neighbor as you love yourself’” permeated American society.  All business is based upon the concept of “Thou shall not steal,” a principle that motivates the fair exchange of money for goods and services. These concepts still are available to us today. Christ is still reaching out and calling America to return to living out the righteous living and Christian discipleship behaviors that made our nation great.

To get back to what we had, we Americans need to get the Biblical chicken before the Constitutional egg. Ultimately, coming to Christ is the patriotic thing to do in a nation that has stated in its founding documents that we have inalienable rights that come from our Creator!

Pastor Earl Wallace

Earl is the pastor of Liberty Christian Fellowship Church, which developed from evangelism after God showed him that America is making the same mistakes Israel made as stated in Judges 2:10 “And there arose another generation after them (Joshua and his generation) who did not know the LORD or the work that he had done for Israel.” God showed Earl the history of how He divinely inspired men to seek the rights and freedoms expressed through the Ten Commandments, which America’s Founding Fathers realized are God’s way of saying we each have a right to do as commanded in 1-4 & 5, and we each have a right not to have Commandments 6-10 perpetrated against us. This application of Christianity to civic life made America a peaceful and stable society, ripe for the Great Awakening, and saw Christianity spread throughout our land. Earl began teaching “The Biblical Basis of the Bill of Rights” (3-BR), in firehouses and libraries. People came to Christ, and others rededicated themselves to the Lord. These became the nucleus of Liberty Christian Fellowship Church. Mr. Wallace wrote “The Three Dimensional Leader: Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context,” which has been endorsed by three other world renowned “leadership gurus.” Earl has taught 3-D MRC Leadership throughout America, and in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

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